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  1. Ashamed to say that despite my better judgmenet, it did peak my interest and reel me back in again ever so slightly. I'm just that desperate to feel something for this club. Guess it's exile for me again. Tara for now.
  2. Never knew how bad the whole Ricky Alvarez thing was. What an absolute shitshow.
  3. Why? There's a perfectly good Friday 3pm coming up..
  4. There wasn't a Welsh league when the clubs were founded so they joined the English league system. Goes for Wrexham and Newport County as well. Prob a couple more.
  5. Aye, the Royal League. Only lasted a couple of years in the mid-2000's. No one was bothered to pay for the TV-rights IIRC
  6. Might have been talked about already, but can't see anything using the search funtion. Is there any way to disable the massive popups when I accidentally hover over a username? I use ublock, so cant add it to the filter if anyone has any idea what to block. Does my head in.
  7. I honestly can't recall Longstaff, Shelvey or Joelinton even touching the ball this half.
  8. First game I'm watching this season. I'm getting feelings that long have been dormant.
  9. West Ham are having an absolute Newcastle of a game Joe-fucking-linton scoring man
  10. I have never felt more deflated than continuously seeing Boumsong in the starting XI.
  11. Yeah, anything substantial that happens will be in the news. I'm oot.
  12. What is your stance on patricide?
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