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  1. Think Anita had a bit of a revival under Rafa? Seem to remember being more confident at the end of that PL season under Rafa with Anita in at RB.
  2. Didn't have a problem with Elliot like? Decent squad player brought back on a free, thought he did alright, unless I'm misremembering I do have affection for Shola, but aye he's right up there. For him to still be picking up so many games well after proving his limitations was a real sign of the club's demise. Afraid I'd put Dwight Gayle there now too. I appreciate him for his contribution in the promotion season, and he did alright first year up - but think it's quite sad he's still getting games now, we both should've moved on.
  3. Mean and average are generally synonyms. 50k/4000 wont give the mean monthly pledge though cos the 50k will include some one offs. Anyway it's probably more useful to know the median. I'm going to pledge but am waiting a couple of months to pay off some credit card debt first. I think Hurst said on one of the videos 6 figures would be great after a month. I suspect won't reach that within a motnh as I'd imagine the increase will tale off substantially after the initial hype. Still >50K is great going as a start.
  4. So for Gayle (1-0.3) x (1-0.3) = 0.7 x 0.7 = 0.49 of no goal, .51 XG https://fbref.com/en/expected-goals-model-explained/
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    Yeah you are (not an expert like Troll but seen in various official places). Think that's partly why (here at least, in the US) they don't recommend having it soon after testing +ve - here you're supposed to wait 90 days. Think it's also for the same reason that the second dose is worse for most people.
  6. Thought ASM was looking tired eve there, he's not match fit enough to start yet seems to me.
  7. Inferior Acuña


    I got the TB vaccine and ended up catching TB anyway! (I was fine, it was detected in a general health check as latent TB. Had to take 9 months of a daily pill though, which also meant no alcohol for 9 months). I had to prove I was vaccinated for measles when I moved to the US too, and my blood showed I'd lost immunity to that 'n all. I've felt fine since I got my first Pfizer dose yesterday. I had discomfort in the arm that's started to decrease about 30 hours after the vaccine, not felt sick or headachey or anything.
  8. Aye it was. Tension with Lee Bowyer added to the atmosphere too, getting loads of stick from us for the court trial and had a good go at us when he scored.
  9. Possibly my favourite too, definitely in top few. The game, going top of the league at xmas, the snow, being at Leeds.
  10. Last of Us 2. Good stuff, obviously. I am enjoying it a bit less now the dogs have come into it - was enjoying slowly creeping up on people, but now with the dogs I can keep ending up in frantic long run and shoot shoot outs.
  11. Fulham look ruined, we've given them so many chances and they keep blowing it. It's tight enough that one win could change it, but we're favourites now - those shitty draws have added up while they don't look like getting any points.
  12. This reply has me in stitches too. The music kicking back in.
  13. I've played that about ten times, so funny And I didn't know they led with this doom-signalling national anthem bit before announcing.
  14. As far as I've heard none of the BBC channels have played any music with lyrics. Radio 6 is back to having its presenter on (earlier was just royal chat) but it's obviously not his playlist, all slow piano/violin instrumentals and that still.
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