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  1. I'm not negative. I'd absolutely love this to go through. But wanting something doesn't make it any more likely to happen. I'm positive but realistic. Also realism, or negativity if you prefer, is a psychological defence mechanism. For example, if I say something good won't happen and you say it will, then if it does I'll be happier than you because I'm surprised and am going from a lower base position too so see a bigger change in my mood whereas you just have your expectations confirmed that it the good thing did indeed happen just as you expected, that's not even really cause for celeb
  2. I would love this takeover to go through, but I don't think it will. I've said that since day 1 and so far it hasn't gone through so I guess I'm not totally wide of the mark?
  3. You just delete the incriminating bits. You don't delete all your meetings, you just delete the meetings where you talked about blocking the takeover. "Can we see all the meetings where you talked about the takeover?" "Sorry there weren't any". Sure there's a decent chance they fuck this up, but to suggest they won't even try is crazy. Of course they will. Companies do this kind of shit all the time in court cases. History is replete with suspiciously-timed server fires, or convenient hardware refreshes.
  4. What do you - sorry, your friend - want to delete? Ccleaner is pretty good for PCs, and OK for most uses. But the only absolutely sure way is to delete what you don't want then copy everything over to a brand-new drive using something like Macrium Reflect, and physically destroy the old drive. Like, melt it in a furnace or something haha, or lob it over the side of a ferry in the middle of the Atlantic.
  5. Of course it does. But "Looking suspicious" isn't a crime.
  6. It's not contempt to do it before a court orders you to hand over the data. If you have something issued to you asking you to hand over things, and then you delete them, that's a problem. But if you suspect you've been naughty and think things might be about to stir up, and you delete things early, that's not illegal at all. Since we've all suspected for a long time that court cases are impending, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the PL would pre-emptively engage in a bit of "housekeeping".
  7. Nobody's full of hell, I'm incredibly happy as it happens. It just feels like I've stumbled into a flat-Earth society meeting or some kind of "Covid is caused by 5G" thread. Be optimistic, sure, but maybe just don't be utterly delusional? Acknowledge there's actually a chance of things not working as you want them to, rather than pretending with utter conviction that there's 0 chance of it not. Because I genuinely worry for some people in here if things DON'T work out, because they're that high up on whatever they're smoking that they're going to have a hell of a fall back to Earth.
  8. Everyone who ever launches a legal case thinks they've got good evidence and a high chance of success. Some of them lose. There's nothing to suggest that cannot happen to us, yet everyone in here is talking in such certainty about our impending court case victory. It's just bonkers. I hope we win. We might very well win. But we haven't won, and we might well lose. That's the honest state of play that loads of you are refusing to even acknowledge. This is not a foregone conclusion, no matter how confident any of the parties are.
  9. Fair enough, and I obviously hope you're right. There's a good chance you are.
  10. You think that'll be worse for them than just handing over all the incriminating stuff? They'll at least try. A lost case is a lost case. You can always hide your reasons for deleting stuff. "Oh, we had a hardware refresh, everyone's PCs were out of date so we took the opportunity to get new ones and move to a new email platform". "There was a fire in the server room, so unfortunate". Whatever. There's countless roads they can go down. Of course they'll all be suspicious as hell and we'll all know they just deleted everything, but nobody will be able to prove anything. Happens a
  11. I am an IT specialist. It'll be easy to retrieve data if the PL are idiots and do a half-assed job of deleting stuff. If they take deletion seriously, it'll be impossible.
  12. Yes, if you do it properly. And give everyone involved a new phone too which is far cheaper than this lawsuit. Oh come on. I don't think the PL are going to just empty the recycle bin and think that's it, job done. There's a load of ways to delete things permanently off a computer, it's incredibly easy for a £multi-billion organisation facing massive lawsuits. For example, delete what you don't want, then mirror the old drive to a new drive, put the new drive in the PC and put the old one through in industrial shredder of some kind. Or chuck the old one off a boat in the middle of the
  13. Why? The shredders (physical and electronic) will have been running full pelt for months now. Do you actually think they'll hand over damning evidence rather than just deleting it? Really?
  14. Enjoyed that and a great win that should now secure our top-flight participation for next year. Could see the difference though when Willock went off and then Bruce took ASM and Wilson off, we looked like we might actually throw away a 4-0 lead. I hate Bruce as much as anyone but even I'm struggling to blame him for resting players at 4-1 up with 10 minutes left, we should just be able to do that, but fucking hell it shows how badly we rely on certain players.
  15. Winston Churchill, talking about Russia.
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