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  1. My CLP is holding a no confidence vote later this week, guessing it won't be the only one
  2. What I would give for a British AOC
  3. I feel you. I joined the party because of him, he woke me up politically and gave me actual hope that things could be different. He's not the answer though, he's too toxic to the general electorate, as unfair as that is. Just hope someone with the same or even similar values, with less baggage, can get past the media machine that will go into overdrive as soon as someone remotely left-leaning looks likely to threaten the status quo.
  4. I voted for Starmer because I bought into the hype about repackaging popular policies from 2017/2019 with a more electable leader fronting it. Hasn't that gone well. I know Corbyn isn't the answer, but seeing him on Channel 4 made me miss having someone vocally principled leading.
  5. Disappointed Binface didn't beat that absolute twat Fox tbh.
  6. That looks so cool, nice one. Also agree with your other post - first half is brilliant, second half I think will take a bit longer to grow on me (but I may end up loving just as much, just less immediately sold).
  7. Went to uni in Bath - both cities are different but class in their own way, and about 10 minutes apart on the train.
  8. The Republican Party really is just Q-Anon now huh. Anyone who didn't jump into bed with Trump is gonna get hounded out. Interested in what our American posters think of that - is it a good or bad thing? On the one hand might hasten the collapse of the GOP if they go full whackjob and oust anyone who would at least give lip service of opposing the real crazies - on the other it makes it very clear just how far gone the right wing in the US is.
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