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  1. And if Bruce stays as manager, none of them want to play for us anyway.
  2. Can we please have some kind of campaign for Bruce to become next Celtic manager? Ashley isn’t going to sack him, so we need other solution.
  3. Not sure his Dortmund departure was random. They had a terrible season Yes, it was not random. Dortmund were horrible and they were last in the table around halfway of the season. Good end of the season saved them to 7th in Bundesliga.
  4. I’m honestly bit worried as this was suppose to be matter of days and no news is not good news.
  5. Sammer is absolutely brilliant. Has done really good work lately in Dortmund, being the man behind the curtains. However it’s hard to believe that he would come under Ashley. No way never, because he has wanted to be in small role because of health issues and that’s why he is not in leading role at BVB. And Ashley doesn’t know who he is.
  6. Probably going back to Schalke
  7. Where are we now? There was excitement from Football365-guy few days ago, but all seems negative here? Clearly something is happening because of the calls with government, but what is the latest?
  8. Was he back? What did he say? ”Remember remember the 12th of September” Quote to him saying TV rights will be big deal.
  9. My point was that if some random bloke from London knows this, it has to leak soon. If it doesn’t, then it’s another WUM.
  10. If he is right, we will hear something this week. God I hope he is right.
  11. Poch was Barcelona’s first choice, but he didn’t want to go there because of Espanyol history
  12. They keep spending money and bringing in absolutely nothing. They look very average both players and Pep’s ”vision”.
  13. We need to put the pressure on PL again! Let’s do this and get our voice heard again! We have put good pressure, which has worked with PIF. Let’s continue this!
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