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  1. Like most organisations I’d imagine the premier league have a data retention policy. Normally this is at least a couple of years. If they suddenly didn’t have evidence of emails and meeting minutes from last year I’d imagine it would be inferred that some sort of cover up is afoot and it would end up being ruled in our favour
  2. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pro takeover or anti takeover. I don’t think anyone would argue based on the last 20 years or so that we are probably the club with the most potential. The Arabs know it. We know it. The rest of the premier league know it. Some of the big guns are worries because we are going to crash the party that their business model is built on.
  3. I have a feeling we may know more by the end of the month. Keith explained quite clearly the next steps on Wraith’s show last night and if Masters and Hoffman et al want to save their skins they may well be spending the next week or so working out some sort of damage limitation. If it’s settled I doubt we will ever know what actually went on but to be honest if we get the takeover I don’t really give a shit
  4. He’s kind of done similar before. He was responsible for highlighting price fixing on replica kits a good few years ago, hence why him and Dave Whelan never got on
  5. You read about it a lot in Mike Ashley’s business deals. He’s parking his tanks on the premier leagues lawn. Remember his spat with Dave Whelan that he won as well over the pricing of football shirts years ago with the alleged quote “There’s a club in the North son, and you’re not part of it”. He wouldn’t be going this far if he didn’t think he could win.
  6. There’s way too much time and effort being invested in this for there to be nothing happening. I would imagine that NDM isn’t cheap and there’s clearly someone spoon feeding snippets of information to this Keith fella. I’m not sure someone would take a year off work and invest so much time and effort just to get follows on Twitter. There’s clearly a lot of effort going in to trying to get the takeover done and dusted. Will it be successful? I hope so and I reckon the odds have possibly swung in our favour with the events of the last few weeks, but only time will tell.
  7. Maybe the players have been assured he won’t be here next year if they pull their socks up.
  8. The comments on their Twitter page after Blackpool scored are a thing of beauty!! Even getting trolled off other third division supporters
  9. We are too inconsistent. Exceeding expectations in a couple of games but having a shocker in the winnable games. If think it goes down to the last game
  10. Gutted. Hairy nonce has had me blocked forever so can’t see the abuse being pushed his way
  11. Sounds like a dig at Bruce’s comments? Shows even the players want shot of him.....
  12. At this minute in time I’d be happy to hear the sentence “Ex Newcastle Manager Steve Bruce”. That would be enough. Takeover or not
  13. At this minute in time I’d take Wagner from the X Factor
  14. Never mind false 10. We’re handicapped by having a false manager.
  15. I genuinely hope all of this comes off on behalf of a friend and season ticket holder who passed away today after 38 years as a season ticket holder. He hated Bruce and was banned from Twitter through hairy hands. His life was the hope that NUFC pushes but rarely delivers
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