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  1. One of the bus stops on Chilli Road has replaced the usual adverts with a memorial. It's what he would have wanted.
  2. Wonder how Connor Benn feels about his big fight being overshadowed by Tits McGhee
  3. I've found getting a decent pair of purpose built trainers makes a massive difference. Can't miss with most of the major brands (Saucony, Brooks, Hoka etc) and if you shop around a little you can usually get a decent enough price. Most shops up here do gait analysis too and can recommend specific shoes for you.
  4. Yeah WaH has been amazing for running consistently. Newcastle is great for running too with so many parks all over!
  5. Mine was 27.30 at the turn of the year, you'll get it down there in no time. You will get there quick than you think. Judging by that pic you put you're near Heaton which is where I'm running from too - if you want a decent long route - I like to do Byker Link > Haidrians Way until you hit the viaduct then back via Wallsend Burn, the two parks there and the Centurion Golf club - 10 miles give or take and very few roads to cross too and some nice scenery too!
  6. I started running late summer last year mainly as a way to see the odd person and keep my fitness ticking over until the gyms reopen. But since the new year I've sort of become addicted and have been taking it seriously. I've always been relatively 'gym fit' but alway neglected cardio and it showed whenever I played five a side etc. I've recently hit my 5k at 23:30 which is 4 minutes faster than I was in January and nearly ten than I was in July last year. It's crazy how quickly you improve if you stick at it. Has probably been said a million times before in this thre
  7. Keown keeps on calling him Marchisio, he's finally cottoned on how to pronounce Marquinos
  8. Ref blowing up before he puts it in the net is bullshit. Nothing wrong with Bellingham's challenge.
  9. https://twitter.com/ShinnyShinyKey/status/1374448617159729153
  10. It's the same as when racists say 'Im the least racist person there is!' cut the hyperbole your racist.
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