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  1. Leeds are one of the clubs interested. He should be all over that move. Would be great for him.
  2. They kept telling us Bruce struggled all season because the players weren't good enough though ...
  3. This is somewhat amusing. Man City just aren't used to going up against teams that can match their ability on the ball and with the ball. They look shook.
  4. It's just his follow through from kicking the ball he hasn't even seen Chilwell's leg! Need to have people who have actually played football referee games. No way that guy has played a game of football and can make that decision.
  5. KaKa

    Joe Willock

    Yup. It will be either Villa, West Ham or Leeds IMO.
  6. Super depressing, yeah. And all true unfortunately. At this point we're really all just pawns.
  7. Yeah, have to admit it's been quite amusing seeing these 'top club' guys getting so wound up over this. They've been way too comfortable mocking us while MA has taken the piss all these years.
  8. These are the exact type of people they are targeting with their new league. I genuinely can't believe there are people that have this kind of view. It's so tragic man. Completely brain dead.
  9. The players are desperate for him to get canned. Does the man have no shame?! Just go and find something else to do for goodness sake
  10. Yet another game with no shots on target. Consistency
  11. The commentators seem surprised by all of this. It's finally dawning on them. They are so dumb and clueless
  12. They’ve also scored a sixth of their seasons goals against us Regularly struggle to manage a goal too, and almost never more than one a game. Maupay hadn't scored in a little while too Hey at least other teams enjoy our games
  13. Our goal difference is now clearly going to be worse than Fulham's too. Perfect.
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