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  1. Mugatu

    Ricky Gervais

    My favourite TV show ever. That moment when his online date arrives at the pub and he just turns to the camera...
  2. If anyone needs a PS4 code I've got a spare.
  3. I paid on monday. Put my NO name in the reference and notes.
  4. 75% off all Lonsdale trainers and Sondico sports socks are pretty good values like.
  5. Mugatu


    Download 1 mobile market (do a google search for it) and then it is available via the 1 mobile market app.
  6. What is it? Italian? Me ma and da went to the one in Greenwich when they were down visiting me auntie. Said it was crap. An Italian that doesn't serve pizza I think Used to live down the road from the one in Glasgow and I wasn't a fan to be honest. First time we went (opening weekend to be fair) the service was terrible and the food took ages, loads off stuff was off the menu etc. To their credit, when we emailed the restaurant manager he did send a £50 voucher as way of apology. When we went back (to spend the voucher) the service was a lot better but the food was really averag
  7. Mugatu


    Google Play Services is consistently using 20-30% of my battery each day. This is on an S3 running Cyanogenmod. Any ideas how to fix it? I've tried downloading and installing the APK for the latest Google Services. I have also cleared data and cache from the Google Services App. It's really annoying as by battery only lasts about half a day now.
  8. Pardew would probably start Ibrahimovic on the bench and bring Shola on before him.
  9. Yeah it's brilliant. One of my favourite games from the past few years. Playing on PS4 and the graphics are great.
  10. Mugatu

    FIFA 14

    Enjoying it on PS4 but it seems impossible at times to create space or beat a man. I feel like most goals (for and against me) come from lucky deflections, crosses or balls pinging about in the box. Finding it really hard to put a decent move together. Just me?
  11. Mugatu

    Battlefield 4

    You talking about the single player? This happened to me - I didn't find a way sorry. Just bit the bullet and started again. How far were you into the story? Think I lost 2/3 hours. Completed it now though.
  12. Mugatu

    FIFA 14

    Got this for PS4 yesterday and it's absolutely brilliant. Far better than I was expecting. The new animations make all the different. For example, the different ways defenders try to block the ball or jump for a header looks great, especially on replays. Shots also seem more satisfying in this version.
  13. Mugatu

    FIFA 14

    I think they took the tournament mode out of the next gen versions (go knows why), so you might have to resort to playing one off matches and doing a tournament tree with pen and paper or something
  14. Same thing happened with Arsenal after their opening day defeat to Villa. I remember watching the reaction on Monday Night Football and you'd think they were going to get relegated the way some pundits were going on.
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