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  1. Yes mate. Was me. I’ll be happy to pay up too. SBR Foundation right?
  2. Aye - don't remember seeing the prick doing the rounds after the Brighton game. Arsehole.
  3. I'm gonna go with the following: - 'Big Players' - 'Covid' - 'Long season/players tired' - 'Team spirit'/'good group' I'll throw in a 'dusted worselves doon' for good measure.
  4. Aye but have you noticed how that lack of attention to detail is ALWAYS in his fucking favour? 'Well, y'know, we've been a few games without a win'. Aye Steve, about 8. 'Well, y'know, wuv been missing wor big players all season long' Aye Steve but you'd fucking dropped ASM before his injury. Every single fucking time.
  5. Gonna cost you some form of % for that advice. Don't have any specific answer in mind, just interested in different folk's views/approachs. I'd love to fuck it all off and am probably not a million miles away tbf but it's a brave man to cut off from their earning source and sit back and relax with a (hopefully) longish road ahead......
  6. Same - I'm 41 in September. If you've got £1.5m, what do you pay yourself per month/year and what do you do with the balance? Invest it or leave it in a savings account and watch it twindle?
  7. True but his £400k probably only really needs to last him through to 67 or whatever. So, circa, £20k per year and then pension hits. That also doesn't allow for any inheritance or whathaveyou in the meantime.
  8. I'm 41 and seriously doing the maths on how much I'd need to just downsize from the south east and move back to Newcastle to live a simpler/cheaper way of life. Challenge for me is my kids' ages - 10 and 14. They'll need funding for quite a while yet.
  9. How much money would you need to just fuck it all off and retire? Age: Amount: Lifestyle Choice: i.e; same as you currently have, less well off but simpler than you currently have or better than you currently have.
  10. Good old Ronny Gill. Typo by the end of the second line. Takes some talent to be that shit at your job.
  11. Minhosa


    How's you and the Mrs @NUFCDoog? Has she coped ok with her asthma etc?
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