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  1. Resident Evil Village. I played 2% and watched as my friend played the rest. 3/10. Why? Spoilers for the whole game.
  2. I will buy it. Speedgolf lobby next month, anyone ?!
  3. My Playstation 5, has started to turn on itself from time to time. Three times since yesterday. Can watch movies through the Disney app on tv and all of a sudden it beeps and the tv switches source to ps5.
  4. Recommend Stranded Deep which is one of the PS + games coming today. #hatesharks others are BF V and Wreckfest.
  5. lxsln


    The region I live in has the worst spread in Europe now. Wondering if we're still chasing herd immunity.
  6. lxsln

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    WV grew on me. F&WS was bad the whole time. Got Krusty the Clowns' daughter in my head every time I saw the red-haired girl. Big hopes for Loki tho!
  7. lxsln

    UFC Thread

    Covid is officially over in the US? Valentina is a fucking monster.
  8. Funny. Finished 4th and took us to the playoffs, which begin June 5th. The thing is, the loans for my best goalkeeper and defender expire on May 31 and I can not extend them.
  9. Playing as Blyth in VNN. Won in the third qualifying round, but was not drawn in the fourth qualifying round. Was drawn in the first round though. Bug?
  10. lxsln

    Takeover Thread

    I read in a Swedish newspaper(from DM, I think)that Glazer is considering selling the club. Is it now PL welcomes MBS with open arms?
  11. lxsln


    Never tattoo your back if you are single. Started a backpiece today and have never spent so much time in the shower. I cant fucking reach. Now the 8-year-old has to put on a freezer bag and lubricate it.
  12. What's the matter with CoD? I had 150gb-ish free on the hard drive and my friend asked me to download Warzone. Ok, 85gb. Download it and press play. The fucker says that I have to download an update and that I have to free up space of 93gb.
  13. Finish with three straight wins and Bruce might guide us to a fourth place and CL!
  14. Can fans of the Spanish clubs block their participation?
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