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  1. It's just straight up political illiteracy. Rife throughout the entire country.
  2. He's definitely in with a shout if he gets a couple more by the end of the season and stays fit. Him or Watkins.
  3. I was going to suggest them as well. Class tbh. Load of HP smothered all over it.
  4. Fucking state of all this. They'll probably come in and be absolutely shite.
  5. ElDiablo


    He's brilliant, been following for quite a while now.
  6. So crap. Can recommend Snabba Cash if anyone needs a better show after that nonsense.
  7. Always thought ADHD was just the hyperactivity side, which is the total opposite of how I am, so never gave it a thought. ADHD in adults is apparently a lot more the other way, were the energy turns inwards and you can just get fuck all done. My jaw dropped when I read the symptoms, first 6 or 7 are just a list of my biggest faults. I'm gonna make a GP appointment and follow it further. Been 'diagnosed' with depression for years but always had doubts the last 5 years or so it was just that. Good luck if you follow it up too.
  8. Anyone have any experience of or with ADHD, specifically the inattentive type?
  9. Outrageous that. Yellow in Rugby.
  10. ElDiablo

    Joe Willock

    Will be an honour to see him flourish at Villa.
  11. Our best one was to Disney in Paris that I missed after falling off my bike and breaking my arm and wrist. School put on activities on the Friday for people who didn't go, so I signed up for 'war games' thinking it would be some laser tag knock off or something cool in the woods next to the school. Turned up and it was just 7 nerds set up with their Warhammer sets in a classroom. Insult to injury. Bunked off home after 5 mins.
  12. Was selfishly hoping it would be for locals only like the FA cup game. Still wouldn't have a chance tbf.
  13. Same here, broke the Champ barrier in 3s and even a brief stint in GC in rumble. Still as inconsistent as ever in terms of gameplay.
  14. How many specific dates have we had now? Like the Doomsday predictors these cunts. Just delay it another few months, it'll definitely happen this time!
  15. Telling lack of conversation about the whole thing in group chats. Got a good few mates whoa re just out and out plastics.
  16. This can't just be it. Clubs need banning from the Champions League for a long time.
  17. I'm watching just to have something to watch, but it really isn't that good imo and never has been. It's a solid BBC drama, not much more.
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