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  1. Watched the first episode of that. Felt slightly sick all the way through from the opening scene. Won't be going back for the rest.
  2. Another Bruce and Ashley-tastic under prep in the summer then. Another fucking season wasted before it's begun.
  3. My changes in bold. And yeah, that extra striker is hard to justify when it's all laid out. In reality I think Trippier and Lingard will be picked for TAA and Grealish and possibly another CB for Sancho.
  4. Kane DCL Watkins Rashford
  5. Wish he would just sell it to someone like Palotta instead. Feeling more and more like it's more trouble than it's worth all this shite.
  6. ElDiablo

    Your Pet Hates

    How you can't read the whole headline and message on BBC news notifications.
  7. On their own = curry sauce With fish/pie/sausage = just salt and vinegar
  8. I used to always meditate till morning playing Witcher 3 when the light faded.
  9. ElDiablo


    Being in lockdown without the option to do or go anywhere else probably compounds the negatives of WFH. I worked from home for 18 months before Covid hit and it really is a night and day difference for me.
  10. Yeah, my highest damage game of around 2300 was with a Longbow mostly just being annoying and hitting shields over and over again. Only had about 6 kills. Tried this again for a bit a few weeks back, still struggle to play it consistently after playing Warzone tbh. The scale and variety of the latter's map, the contracts, the different ways of playing, the vehicles, the lack of consistent 3rd partying, generally just the variety of the experience in total. Apex still has much better and skillful gun play and movement though.
  11. Keeping it in the corner.
  12. Worrying how the pressing and shape has gone entirely in the second half. Also this is why Southgate gets criticism, shouldve made a sub 15 mins ago.
  13. Glastonbury on the way out on the Monday is a disgrace, especially considering the supposed ethos of festival. It really isn't hard to take a few black bags to tidy up with. Pure laziness.
  14. I cracked the window of the scariest teacher in secondary school with a wayward lunch time strike. Absolutely shat it for weeks. Nothing ever happened. We used to play nuts, just trying to nutmeg eachother, on the way to and from school with any discarded rubbish available, usually fizzy drink bottles. Great times.
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