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  1. “Dizzying height of 13th” - the man needs gunning down just for saying that...
  2. Makes all of those very late substitutions even more dubious - I could easily believe some sort of brown paper bag deal was going on if someone told me...
  3. Posts that age like milk #4,278
  4. Rafa’s idea of a “project” and the Super League project seem inherently incompatible...?
  5. I'm certain that the very first reporting stated that five English clubs were involved - it seems City signed on very late
  6. I’d go further and suggest the Super League proposal slashed the value of our club (and all other not-Super clubs). There’s no way NUFC can be properly valued today (or in a week, possibly even a month before things shake out). Even if arbitration ends successfully today, the takeover doesn’t happen until the consortium and Ashley agree to a price. Fortunately, Ashley is a skilled negotiator with a long track record of making good deals...
  7. It was pretty alarming to watch ten-men opponents press us so effectively at goal kicks - our throw-ins have seen us turn the ball over all season, now we can’t do goal kicks either?
  8. For all the fears Fulham would send us down on the last day, it now seems much more likely that we’ll hold Parker and Mitro’s fate in our hands - if Brighton and Burnley can’t put on points
  9. Remember when Roeder was starting the likes of Ramage, Huntington, the shite Saffer - all of those guys were seen too much
  10. Raconteur

    Emil Krafth

    Sounds about right. Can't play right back or centre-half = new contract.
  11. Needs punching in the face for that alone. "Deserve" ffs...
  12. Raconteur


    Is it just me, or did Joelinton actually look like a footballer against Spurs? Not just the goal, but put he himself about and made some nice touches. And no, I'm not saying he's the new Firmino, just that he actually looked like a footballer for once...
  13. Haven’t done much posting lately, but remember someone (on the old board) saying “where are all the people who voted 0?” Well, I voted 1 at the start of the season, and suffice to say, I’m not at 1 anymore...
  14. Because Ashley really isn’t bothered about relegation. He thinks he can build a championship promotion team cheaper than he can build a premiership surviving one. He’s too thick to realise you need a top manager to achieve this though. All of Ashley’s mistakes come back to this. He doesn’t understand football, and he’s too thick to adjust his thinking. We’re talking about compensation being an obstacle for Ashley, but the fresh line is Ashley wants to repay Bruce’s loyalty. He needs to make a football decision he’s too thick to make, and is instead rewarding sycophancy - at the cost of un
  15. I’ve been thinking about that £4m compensation - why doesn’t someone suggest to Ashley that he sack Bruce and just not sign the cheque? Make Bruce sue for it (and argue incompetence, because why not if you’re in court anyway)...?
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