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  1. The fact that racism and xenophobia has a "some" option
  2. I feel like you won't like it, as the crux of the game comes down to how the overarching narrative grabs you. But then I thought you wouldn't like Death Stranding, so who knows it's on gamepass though, so it's worth an install.
  3. Finally completed Outer Wilds after ages of playing it on and off. Honestly one of my favourite games of all time, with a genuinely interesting narrative told in a completely unique way. I love that the game tells you basically nothing. There's no hand holding whatsoever yet the puzzles flow together seamlessly, always pointing you in the right direction while being subtle enough to make you feel like you have an actual functioning brain. The story kept me constantly engaged through to its poignant, bittersweet ending, despite being told almost entirely either visually or through s
  4. Andy

    Choose Your Weapon

    Some good choices in here, but give me a throwable object from Hitman ahead of any of them.
  5. Aye, I completely stopped playing it after having a few hours where I quite enjoyed it. It feels like they didn't know what game they wanted to make, a lot of the time. Badly lacking in direction.
  6. Lots of bugs fixed, but it's going to take more than that. The main issues with the game are in its design.
  7. Andy

    The VR Thread

    Outer Wilds now has a VR mod. It is jaw dropping.
  8. I want to see Ashley and Bruce relegated, but not the club. I'm torn.
  9. Can't beat an IKEA Markus IMO, at least in its price range. Had mine for years. Not a big fan of "gaming" chairs, they look the part but are usually pretty badly made.
  10. I've been playing Dead Space for the first time. Games in space will never be as scary in the post-Alien Isolation era, but this at least holds up well as an action game and has some effective jump scares and a solid, immersive atmosphere. Surprised how decent the graphics are for a 13 year old game like.
  11. Good game but let down by its story IMO. Found it very jarring when the characters didn't acknowledge each other at basically any point.
  12. normally haul the xbox back and forth between mine and my brothers' (in normal times) for gaming nights. The S is legitimately tiny, I didn't expect it to be anywhere near as small as it is.
  13. Bought a Series S the other day to basically use as a semi-portable gamepass machine. Whacked half the gamepass library onto a 4TB external HDD, seems actually quite painless switching the ones over that you're currently playing. Most games run direct off the HDD and still support quick resume (and any enhanced graphics etc) which surprised me.
  14. Andy


    I haven't found lockdown too bad, like. The only things I've really missed are visiting family and eating out at restaurants, I've found the excuse to stay in the house quite rejuvenating as a whole tbh, and like others it's helped me focus on physical health a lot more. My girlfriend has found it a lot harder, but she's been furloughed since March and is also generally a lot more sociable and prone to cabin fever than I am.
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