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  1. Seen this discussed a few times now and I don't really get the timing. I know supporters who have happily clapped along and paid for tickets over the last decade, during which there has been ZERO hope with the fat cancer going nowhere. At that stage, they should have hoped for relegation. But they didn't. Right now, even if you think the takeover is going to fail, is the only time in years we have any remote hope (no matter how small you think it is) of escaping to a club that can progress. And yet it is this moment they choose to see it burn down? Don't get that at all.
  2. Thinking about Wilder, has anyone ever been manager of two clubs relegated in the same season?
  3. If (theoretically) the fanbase hated VAR, is that something the trust could campaign to eradicate from the epl? Put it in your next survey.
  4. The tactical use of him makes my eyes bleed. Oppo managers have clearly said right he gets the ball so deep that we can just foul him. Him trying to maradona 86 everyone everytime does not work. Put him high and wide where defenders are less likely to want to give away free kicks.
  5. Genuine question as I don't really follow the trust's activities, what did they do to attempt to get ashley out?
  6. If you don't like their spineless approach, cancel your membership to stop them being able to parade around as if they are representative of the real fan base. At present they get to say "look at us we have 10,000+ signed up members, please can we help you mike with more free ticket and mug giveaways".
  7. https://www.bluesq.com/premier-league/carver-happy-with-newcastle-options-070215-9.html could pick any article from any source around that time and he repeatedly states how happy he was with the squad size. Now his hands are tied. Bangs on about the majority of people supporting him face to face, honestly who are these cretins? Elevator maintenance man again?
  8. They're different people though. Everyone I used to see before or after the game, and a couple that I used to sit with have now all packed it in. i completely agree - the old crowd of even a few years ago are largely gone. The only solution in my view is a consistent movement against attendance, not only boycotting from the more enlightened amongst us but that group actively discouraging others to attend. Viable alternatives for entertainment, not just protests but actual football would be needed with a sustained message that we fuc*ing hate what we are watching within st james' park. Const
  9. What are any of the disillusioned fans going to do about it? All i hear i sick of this sick of that yet all i see is sell out attendances week in week out.
  10. Thorpinho

    Alan Pardew

    What a ridiculous point that is. Pardew made Krul the number one, Pardew turned a defence consisting of the Taylors (both massively criticised by fans in the past) and Danny Simpson into one of the tightest defences in the league. The other member of that back 5 he made captain, and Colo has subsequently revelled in a leadership role. You say "look at those players he has got to work with" yet most people's expectations of him as a manager and the squad at the start of the season was bottom half at best. He has done fantastically well and would do a hell of a lot better if certain fans stopped
  11. he plays 5 and 7 a side football at the pits in gateshead on weeknights. I say play, more hobbles around really and his leg looks absolutely screwed every time i see him.
  12. I like Hughton but if he has signed HBA as a player to rotate with Jonas and never intends on playing him in Nolan's position then he has gone insane.
  13. Guthrie was out the back of Aspers casino at 4am last night. Maybe thats why he is unfit.
  14. How do you arrange to do this? I have never heard of being able to play at SJP, is it on the club website or something?
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