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  1. Only at £6.5k, i thought there would have been some big wedges stuck in.
  2. Even though it goes totally against my morals I have actually read the chronicle article. How do i donate?
  3. just had a quick look on the trust site. Can’t find any details at all.
  4. So let’s all write begging letters to sting, shearer, and and dec, Sid the sexist, Jimmy Nail, Keegan, the cast of geordie shore and any other loaded person with connections to Newcastle. Will be sorted in no time I hope we are going to see a totaliser somewhere, or maybe a go fund me page?
  5. If I was very wealthy would there be a tax advantage in donating or as it’s not charity for the off would it not work like that?
  6. Then they will have wasted their money because they won’t own the club and will have the same rights as the man who donated a quid.
  7. So if I donate a big wedge will I get more say than the man who donates a quid? the whole thing seems far too complicated. have they got some wealthy fans waiting in the wings with some hefty donations?
  8. Utterly underwhelming and pointless. The pandemic means a lot of people haven’t got a pot to piss in at the minute. Its the ideal time to be asking for a load of cash.
  9. I only just realised he has been play today after an hour. Totally anonymous
  10. ED209

    The cycling thread

    If the a roads are further north then they aren’t to bad.
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