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  1. Rice Bellingham Sancho Mount Foden Kane Keeps everyone in their best positions as well.
  2. Nobody

    The Running Tread

    @Tisd09, the way to quicker runs is to do mix up longer, slower ones, medium paced runs and interval runs. I hate doing interval runs, it's just not for me, but everyone I know say it's a great way to increase your pace.
  3. 5-1 v mackems, by some distance. Obviously haven't been to that many, but that one is canny hard to beat.
  4. Nobody


    I really don't want to know what happened to that bucket afterwards
  5. Burnley put 47 crosses in yesterday. That feels like an awful lot
  6. Problem with xG us that it doesn't take into account the actual goals scored. A team chasing a result is far more likely to have more chances than the winning team, so an xG table like that isn't really that accurate.
  7. The fuck? He was excellent today, always going to be tough to deal with all the crosses Burnley put in and with their strikers.
  8. It has made the fame so much worse. Cheating has become more prevelant, not less. Was actually quite refreshing watching the WC qualifiers without VAR, could watch the game properly then and celebrate a goal as it went in.
  9. He's a much bigger cunt than Bruce. He enjoys winding us up because there's nothing else to him. If you've heard him on the TF podcasts that he's been on, you know what an utter bellend he is. @IMTTS
  10. While I hate to agree with Edwards, I agree that he should leave in the summer.
  11. We were fucking awful man Would still want to see 4231, with ASM Almiron and Fraser/Murphy behind Wilson. Willock and Longstaff in midfield, Manquillo right back. The rest I don't really care about, they are about as good as each other.
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