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  1. Haha fucking hell branko
  2. It depends on what's around us, really. I've wittered for much of the season about how we've got too much quality in the side to go down (which I think has ultimately been proven), but we've been helped massively by an absolutely appalling bottom three. Had it been more competitive down this end of the table, we wouldn't have had the luxury of constantly losing whilst just waiting for Wilson/ASM to come back, and everything being okay again. Assuming next season's context is very similar to this one (i.e. there's at least three appalling teams, the likes of Burnley and Palace don't sudde
  3. That we're now affectionately and in earnest recommending wanks has to be the ultimate proof that N-O is a safe place.
  4. Delighted to know there's another big Jeff Lynne fan around these parts. God. And you don't often see tracks from Time popping up in internet viral videos so yeah, huge points there.
  5. Rondon's a good one actually. Absolutely loved him, definitely one of my favourite strikers for us.
  6. Re the poll, I was actually gonna faff with it and do a new one the other day, but noticed how close we were to 1000 pages so was gonna wait till then (you need to start a new thread and merge in order to reboot polls from ye olde forume).
  7. Yorkie


    I was in a bar and a restaurant last night and I'm off to see my folks at the weekend (all outdoor occasions obvs); but I plan to get a test before seeing them, like.
  8. In a massive low point with my weight after lockdown, even though I know deep down I'm not that bad (dead on 13stone). But still horribly self-conscious, irritable and plain uncomfortable basically all of the time, so aye, buzzing that the gyms are open again. Just exercising makes me feel better, even if my appearance doesn't change that much.
  9. Yorkie


    Sounds like total madness tbh.
  10. Given Solano - Ramage - Taylor - Huntington Milner - Butt - Dyer - Pattison Sibierski - Martins That Spurs game. Heck of a team.
  11. Two good ones there. Cisse's latter three seasons were pretty much hopeless, a weird and annoying stretch of form in the first half of 2014/15 aside.
  12. What are they like. Hope the poor fucker makes a speedy recovery, like. As soon as we're taken over I want them either back in the same division or, preferably, in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup at the earliest opportunity. They're incredible occasions and I need to FEEL. Anxiety, devastation, stress, elation, fury - whatever - hook it up to my veins.
  13. I wonder how my 13-year-old self would've felt had we sold Shearer to Liverpool at the end of 2003/04. I think I'd have probably been inconsolable. There's a pretty fair argument that he should've gone earlier but, I mean, we were achieving nowt in either of those seasons, with or without Shearer. The closest we came to anything memorable/remarkable would've been Waffa glory in 04/05, and Shearer's contribution in that competition was very significant that season (he scored in literally every round). So I don't think it held us back in anyway. Souness was the manager ffs. We got to
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