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  1. Is it because he always looks like he's come from or is heading to a fox hunt?
  2. Completely agreed, mate. My fear is that it’s a group of chancers, but whatever isn’t Ashley is at least the form of change. What we all want is some type of effort that shows owners are putting money made by the club, back into the club. I’ll be happy if we reinvest and hire football people who can give us some direction and development as a bigger club in England. That’s it, all I ask.
  3. I’ll engage. I chuckled at the dark forces quote like I hoped everyone did here, as it was peak Ashley. For the takeover to be playing out in the courts, it tells the realist in me that it’s far from done. That means we’ll be stuck with Ashley and Cabbage Heed for next season. Rinse and repeat exactly the same season we just had, with a few unexpected wins, shit signings and maybe some sort of verdict from litigation in the fall. I expect it to not be favourable, because Newcastle.
  4. Disappointed we never saw a driveway photo of him in his Dr. Who themed PJ’s and Big Foot slippers shackled at the arms and legs.
  5. love this. “Telt ya we shoulda left him at home, Derek”
  6. 2nd was a tricky left footed finish after it coming off the post. He’s class.
  7. I'm putting this in here, because the cheek of this cunt is off the charts.
  8. Been a different side without Jota.
  9. Only once the beer can river races have been completed or the assigned seat has been self installed prior to kickoff.
  10. Think we’ll win 2-1 and go up to 13th with another bruceball mastershitpiece. This squished face cunt will have us closer to mid table by end of season where the football on display warrants much less. Then we’ll hear it from the media all off season.....”about as good as they could hope for, stop complaining”, rinse and repeat. I do enjoy beating Arsenal, though. Watching them plateau to mediocrity has been amusing, FAM!
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