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  1. Each team to get over 1 card tonight is 5/1 on B365 Coote averages over 3 yellows per game and Fulham have the second-worst discipline in the league. Should be a bit of spite to the game given the circumstances.
  2. Are you missing one? The 5-fold only comes out at around 60/1
  3. Looking forward to it. Canelo is a different beast to when he struggled with Trout and Lara but BJS may be the first fighter since to pose similar problems. BJS tends to fight to the level he is facing and looks in similar condition to when he fought Lemieux. The seventh Brit to fight Canelo but the first you can make a reasonable case for. I don’t expect him to win but expect him to win rounds and for it to go the distance. They’re also going to set the indoor crowd record for boxing in the US. Only £1.99 on DAZN if anyone’s interested and yet to sign up.
  4. Zouma is on the bench. Christensen looks a decent price to replace him.
  5. Double paid 20/1 - been a while! Shame Knight was pulled on the hour. Class bets Pilko and gdm good to see some winners in here.
  6. Any bingo cards for the Dean game then? Odds are pretty bad. Knight, Kazim-Richards & Dunkley trixie, the treble being 110/1 - B365
  7. Highlighted by @Neil previously but Murphy’s card price with Sky is a bit of an outlier - 9/1 tonight.
  8. My pick was also Shelvey & Ndidi. Throwing in Krafth to make it a trixie. Decent price given his 1 in 4 record this season and may be caught cold having been out of the side.
  9. That’s B365 btw, laughably the same treble on Betfair is only 50/1
  10. AWB, McTominay & Robertson card trixie. Treble is only 500/1
  11. Parker by a fair margin for me but I wouldn't trust the scorecards. The knockdown gives them every excuse.
  12. It was billed as the sixth fight, not a live float. Taylor losing again on my card - decent fight.
  13. Nate

    Snooker LOOPY!!!

    Rob Walker going out of his way to wind up Wilson and Bingham in the losing interviews
  14. Nate

    Snooker LOOPY!!!

    Murphy remains some player when he gets bounding around the table. 10-4 down to win 12-17 is sensational given how Wilson was playing.
  15. Campbell Hatton's second fight appearing higher up the bill than Bivol and Eubank Jnr I like Craig Richards, hope he gives a good account of himself here.
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