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  1. We need another point or Fulham not to win their remaining four games. We’re safe.
  2. Why do we always start our matches so badly?
  3. Sure, but you still have the FA governing the whole of English football no?
  4. In the case of the Italian rule it applies to friendly games and tournaments as well apparently.
  5. Not sure. Decision was taken by Serie A, B and C members apparently, approved by national league and ratified by Uefa and Fifa. I see no reason why English football couldn’t do the same
  6. Serie A has adopted a new rule that means any club entering a competition not approved by Uefa, Fifa and FIGC loses its Serie A membership. If PL and La Liga follow suit at least that should put an end to any chance of them trying again.
  7. The big six have really done a good job this week showcasing they are way above the other 14 peasants in the league and deserving of special treatment to be guaranteed their place in the super league like
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