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  1. I have the Creative Outlier Air which are about £50 and are excellent.
  2. I saw on Facebook that Bill Gates is trying to microchip us through COVID vaccine's, which is more believable than that image.
  3. God, he's going to bring the letter's out like Carver showing off Colo's letter.
  4. VERY surprised any member of the public was able to get that close to the stadium nevermind the players entrance. SJP has been within a secured zone for months now? I was thinking the same. Probably one of the players that chucked it.
  5. A player relegated twice in the last two seasons. Obviously wants the hat trick.
  6. healthyaddiction


    That's the South African variant, not the UK one. Still not good news, but not as bad (from an insular UK perspective).
  7. Three loaves of bread. One for each member of the consortium. The bread took a long time to "prove" like it took a long time to prove the seperation of PIF from the Saudi state. It's clear as day.
  8. healthyaddiction


    This whole exam thing is a disaster. My students have a BTEC exam tomorrow, and BTEC are saying they don't know if their January exams are running or not.
  9. Not sure if this is the place for this, but I found it vaguely amusing anyway. https://www.2020game.io/
  10. I really don't know what I am looking at on that FlightRadar, but I'm going to say it's heading to Dammam. edit: although I just clicked on a random small flight about to land in Dubai and it's taken literally the exact same flight path that Ashley's plane is now on.
  11. I ordered one at 4AM using the Currys glitch. However I read several people saying their orders were cancelled so I was trying to get one through other means and have failed. However, my order with Currys still hasn't been cancelled. Has anyone heard anything about Currys fulfilling glitch orders? edit: just got an email to say my PS5 will be dispatched today. Looks like they're fulfilling the glitch orders. I need to thank my 7 month old for waking me up at that ungodly hour.
  12. Amazon's stock is apparently only going to be available at 12 noon. So that is still a possibility. I am guessing at the very least the demand won't bring Amazon to it's knees.
  13. John Lewis is now sold out. I got it in the basket but the checkout kept crashing and now its says sold out.
  14. I read somewhere recently that Mila Jovavich has the most kills in cinema history. I guess they must be counting zombies.
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