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  1. Any news will come out of the blue and announced by the club, just like they did when they told us about the arbitration and trying to get the chair removed. No ITK wannabe on twitter will "break" the news.
  2. Anyone watched the latest Under the Cosh podcast with Rowan Vine, last 10 mins of part 1 and the first 20 mins of part 2 cover his time under Bruce at Birmingham, fair to say he's not impressed with him, basically calls him a shithouse and crap manager so seems a pretty good judge!!
  3. Good job he's picked Hendrick otherwise there'd be even less!
  4. Just stuck a fiver on. Liverpool will probably sink it on the first leg.
  5. Its 7-1 now but I don't trust Leicester with all there injuries.
  6. binnsy

    Football Podcasts

    Watched the Undr the cosh podcast with Andy Woodman on youtube last night, really good, now waiting for part 2 as that should cover more NUFC, the first part has covered his playing career but mentioned Pardew nutting Meyler and also Pardew in charge of the trips, mainly to Tenerife with Palace.
  7. Ffs Leverkusen went 2 nil up on 85 mins and then conceded twice in injury time to cost me £102
  8. Listening to Alex Bruce on Talksport earlier the only thing he came out with was someone had called his dad a c**t and another wished his dad would get Covid. Obviously wishing Covid on someone is not a nice thing to say or do but it's not a death threat and i'm pretty certain Bruce would have spent nearly his entire career getting much worse abuse at every away ground he visited when playing for the likes of Man Utd.
  9. yeah i'd prefer our chances if there injury crisis was the attacking players not their defence. Take the likes of Ings, Ward-Prowse and Armstrong and the game becomes much more winnable.
  10. looks like they'll be missing 3 of their normal back 4 but looks like they'll have Romeu and Walcott back from injury and have Minamino available.
  11. surely there is only max of 2 changes, Clark will come in for Lascelles and depending on Fraser recovering from illness ASM might start instead.
  12. One game you can't play Shelvey is surely against Leeds, could say same for Hendrick yet Bruce plays both lol
  13. all depends on who's turn it is too play this week
  14. fully aware of that but just posed the question. Personally i think he's a very good goal poacher but not the best footballer.
  15. is he a good footballer or just a good jonny on the spot goal poacher?
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