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  1. Greinke with 6 shutout innings. His fastball velocity is 88mph. It's a joke how effective he is.
  2. Da Yankees lose. Nice.
  3. Leaving us with Joselu and Mitrovic? no thanks. Yup. That's basically admitting we'll score less than 40 goals this year. Relegation would be a near certainty.
  4. Gayle isn't a Benitez type striker, IMO. His hold up play isn't good enough.
  5. We don't. If we can keep things tight at the back, 40-50 goals will be enough to survive. Easily. Let's say it goes something like this: Mitrovic - 10, possible because he's done it Joselu - 8-10 Perez/#10 - 5-8 Shelvey/CMs - 3-5 Wingers - 5-10 Defenders - 3-5 That gets us 35-47 goals. Stoke scored 41 last year, Swansea scored 42, Watford 40, West Brom 34, Palace 39. We'll be in the range. A 15 goal a season striker is almost a guaranteed top 10 place if he's not the only contributor.
  6. Live sports is the only thing that gets people to sit in front of a tv at a set time these days so it's the only thing that pays. Everything else on tv can be watched at another time. Every tv operator knows that if they don't have sports on their programme, ain't nobody tuning in for something they can download or watch later. With sports, you can only watch it live to experience it with everyone else.
  7. Giselle

    The Apple Thread

    But will also come with an adapter (for free). Expecting everyone to use Bluetooth or Lightening Cable is ridiculous. There's no way an adapter will come for free.
  8. Laugh now, motherfucker, but the pennant is ours.
  9. Too fucking good. These refs are trying their damn hardest to give this game to the Broncos though.
  10. What a brutal call. Complete horseshit.
  11. Boom. Perfect throw by Tom.
  12. Steph is filthy. The crossover three is just insane and unstoppable.
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