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  1. http://i.1mg.ro/images/2015/11/02/22d3c3da58c1db467ce822f35fec648d.jpg I'm the pig.
  2. http://i.1mg.ro/images/2015/10/11/db3f9a5d70f9f03318bb12fd1d1c94ae.gif
  3. Ridiculous collection of stamps available in October for this. http://shop.royalmail.com/star-wars-tie-fighter-bundle/invt/20150444
  4. Chrissy Bee


    On the plus side (*groan*), they refunded me pretty much immediately after they received it. It doesn't make up for the hours my life that I lost though.
  5. So it seems the trial for this is now the full base destiny game, missions and levels unlocked. No idea if it's intentional or not, Bungie don't seem to have announced anything.
  6. Chrissy Bee

    Hitman 3

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfLLeLFEi8c Don't bother with that bbcode bullshit, the forum automatically sees the link and embeds it.
  7. For literally 20 minutes afterwards. I didn't entirely recover for a few days. Inside Out got me the other week.
  8. My girlfriend that Corsa (60 plate) and since I sold the Scirocco it's my primary wheels. I'd rather have a Fiesta but it's not bad, there's nothing particularly wrong with any of the driving gubbins, and you're probably getting a better stereo than the piece of shit this one has. 0% is a con. Have a think about what happens if you sell it partway through the finance agreement (you've paid the interest upfront...). It's an old model and they should be able to do a very good deal. Look at a 13/14 facelifted Fiesta.
  9. Chrissy Bee


    The annoying thing it it really is a great phone! Just don't buy one. In the meantime I'm back on my Nexus 4 so I'm keeping an eye on HUKD and will grab something like a G3 next time a good deal is on.
  10. Chrissy Bee


    In preparation for the OnePlus Two launch I'll sum up the terrible experience I've had with a OnePlus One I purchased a few weeks ago. Lovely phone. Great value for money, good software on it. There's a touchscreen fault (see video), it's very common. Mine basically had an area about 2cm wide running up the phone that would not register touch, it would instead do a touch either side of this area. This was actually present when I turned the phone on (I only noticed problems typing a 'T') but fixed itself after a few minutes. Unfortunately it came back 5 days later and would not go. This m
  11. Two months in and I don't think I'll ever finish this. Still mucking about in Novigrad looking for Dudu.
  12. Sorry if this has already been posted but Cane & Rinse (very good videogame retrospective podcast) do an excellent podcast about game music as well. Really varied and lots of obscure stuff in there so it's quite interesting. http://caneandrinse.com/category/sound-of-play/
  13. Rasa. Or Sachin's. Or probably Dabbawal.
  14. I've added a few of you on PSN as I'd be up for this. Really enjoying it.
  15. http://i.1mg.ro/images/2015/06/29/ef7ade7ebfeb12fb10e0281e1f1ce476.jpg http://i.1mg.ro/images/2015/06/29/4a599cf89272a54457389235e2e9b923.jpg One for Mike http://i.1mg.ro/images/2015/06/29/7169ab514b741c532a544aafc09b64f8.jpg http://i.1mg.ro/images/2015/06/29/464dfb49913e49e9fc60081111b45c16.jpg
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