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  1. Ashley17

    Jacob Murphy

    I like him, he's been one of the few bright spots recently. Definitely better as an impact sub against tired legs but he is getting quite adept at finding a way to the byline. He'll probably look better when he's got Wilson to pick out rather than Gayle/Joelinton. Obviously his progress is always going to be hindered by the "coaching" team but we have far bigger problems than him.
  2. Think of it long term. It’s not going to happen under Ashley but let’s say Staveley and co own us, I could see them selling a tiny percentage. I imagine any new owner would do the same as it’s getting the fans onside immediately. A lot of people think we will go down and not come back. The value of the club will plummet and eventually Ashley will leave. By then the Trust could be in a position to own or part own the club. If the mackems (and various other clubs) had done this they would have been in a position to do something when their club was on its knees. It’s safeguarding, if we
  3. Alex is great, he always comes across well and on a personal level has been very supportive and helpful with a few bits of writing I've done on NUFC. I have a fair idea what Thursday will be and I suspect it will divide opinion between "what's the point" and "good for them" which is basically the same as every discussion involving the Trust on here.
  4. We must be the only club where the players who don’t go on International duty don’t train and still get injured
  5. Players under contract have more value. Players with value means the club is worth more, almost as if Ashley is preparing for a potential renegotiation of price. All businesses do this, usually it would be customers signing new contracts to secure the value. Not everything is a massive disaster
  6. I tried to think of the reasons Ashley would stick with Bruce (https://cfbfootball.com/2021/03/22/dave-black-why-stick-with-steve-bruce-5-potential-reasons-why/amp/?__twitter_impression=true) and using Ashley logic, the two times he has changed the manager we have been relegated. He stuck to his guns over Pardew and Carver and we ultimately survived. Ignore things like the improvement under Benitez and the probability that had he changed manager sooner we might have survived, in Ashley’s mind not doing anything works
  7. It’s a sham of a club, even the fucking team news is leaked by about 5 different people. Everyone knows who the mole is except Bruce and his pals
  8. Frankly having their name on that trophy as a constant reminder of the level they are at topped off with the winning goal being scored by a player called Gooch is all quite hilarious
  9. Didn’t you say the same thing a number of months ago though? I guess we aren’t actually any further forward since then!
  10. So basically we wanted the chairman of the arbitration panel removed which has been denied. They do however have to release the findings in public although the key personnel will be kept anonymous, so shouldn’t be any shenanigans. I still don’t see how we can win here if it’s all down to the director issue
  11. Ashley17

    Rafa Benítez

    I don't know like, we live in a world where that loveable Jimmy Bullard got called up to the England squad by the hugely successful Fabio Capello and he spent the week shouting POSTMAN PAT in his face for a laugh. Stupid fucker.
  12. People thought, without evidence, she might buy the club outright with the winnings.
  13. Aye you’ve got until the deadline to fuck about with it and transfer in Wilson or something
  14. Why not put in Richarlison over DCL if he’s going to play twice and DCL might play once?
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