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  1. Being more pedantic we signed him on loan in September and perm in January
  2. I doubt Burnley get another point so if Fulham do something crazy it will be them who drop
  3. We made £34m profit in the 2018/19 season, would be fair to expect a drop in income to show in 2019/20 and then no matchday revenue for 2020/21 (roughly £25m). Unless the Premier League want to demonstrate that they expect clubs to spend more than they earn then it would be quite easy to suggest that we 'can't' afford the additional expenditure needed in both manager and player
  4. So Mike Ashley is basically going to bring English Football crashing down
  5. Wasn't it said at the very onset that the club were approaching this from a number of avenues? I don't see it as a last throw of the dice, its bringing option b to the table now to support option a
  6. I'll admit that my corporate law knowledge is a little dated, but surely you would need to prove anti-competitive behaviour in order to stand a chance of winning such a case? A very plausable outcome of the arbitration is that the PL are found to have been unduly influenced and the whole O&Ds process has been flawed/compromised but the ruling stops short of saying that PIF must be approved. We then have the anti-competitive slant to take this to an alternative route where MA can go for a ruling that confirms the behaviour existed and therefore a remedy is required. This could be
  7. Positive? We've won the arbitration case and now he's got the avenue to sue would be my guess
  8. Anyone else notice the glaring innacurracies in that tweet?
  9. Yes but at least it's not Susan Boyle cheesy #Susanalbumparty
  10. It's almost impossible for a government to provide a thriving job market, many have tried and maybe succeeded in the short term but once the grants and support run out then the job market disappears. What they need to do is provide an environment where people want to spend time and money (i.e. a Marina, cinema, shopping centres etc) and then look to promote regions as places for companies and industries to locate in and also in building a gap for individuals to exploit with self employment and small businesses. You've got to then hope that this becomes a self fueling cycle for longevity.
  11. It is, but then the summer of 95 when the signings came through one after another was fun
  12. I think they would have. Man Utd will always be Man Utd, Old Trafford will always be Old Trafford. With a City or a PSG UAE and Qatar have been able to quickly build a global brand in the image that they want. The images of the City owners celebrating when they won the Premier League wouldn't have happened had it been Man Utd as the story isn't there. Of course the club would have had greater global exposure more quickly if they had bought Man Utd or even Liverpool but UAE got exposure more quickly with it being Man City, the club and location of ownership are one, wouldn't be the case i
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