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  1. Could see us targeting Lookman again.
  2. In all seriousness, any damning evidence against the PL is going to come from leaked emails. Probably from a so called big six club asking the PL to block it. Masters has more to lose by illegally blocking a takeover, than he does to gain. Unless someone can prove that he as an individual gains by this.
  3. Wonder if we could get GCHQ to help us out? Or better still let's open Bletchley Park and dig up Alan Turing.
  4. Not believing a takeover will go through = not wanting a takeover to go through, is just pure bollocks. I want a takeover to happen, I'm just not anywhere near convinced it will happen. I'm certainly not holding my hopes on that Keith fella or some local journalists who are milking every tit bit for their own gain. Fwiw, I also don't subscribe to the Luke Edwards view that the takeover definitely won't happen and the Bruce is a good manager. It's perfectly acceptable to draw the line somewhere in between. A foreign concept to this thread, I know.
  5. STM

    Alan Partridge

    The prison bit is unreal. ITV. Ball Pong Ping.
  6. Not really. Leicester just remembered how much better they are than us for 15 minutes.
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