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  1. Pav

    John Carver

    When asked if our squad is mentally strong he answers not really without a moments pause
  2. Maddening that we only seem to turn up for the bigger games.
  3. Don't think I've heard our fans all game, but they still manage to give a half arsed clap on the 17th minute. Our home fans
  4. When Sissoko was booked so early on I had a feeling it might be one of those games. Mitro seems like he couldn't win a free kick if he tried, reminds me of Shola when he used to give away countless fouls but would never get anything despite being climbed all over. BT commentators are complete wankers as well.
  5. Pav


    I think he was actually referring to the fans who used to make SJP a real atmospheric place to go and watch football. The same fans who made away trips enjoyable with constant singing and not just a bunch of kids dressed in stone island. A lot of the old school crowd don't go to either now, and those are the people who went for decades. They used to go in the "real bad times" as we keep on being told, but even they haven't got the stomach to put up with the current shambles. I've got massive respect for those who've packed in, for a lot of people who I know it certainly wasn't/isn't an
  6. Pav


    Honestly don't see the appeal in home games, only been to SJP once since the Leazes Corner was closed. Our home fans are awful, the atmosphere is nonexistent. Even our away support seems to have gone down hill. Says a lot about the type of fans who've packed it in iyam.
  7. Ah right, fair enough. That said their website says they're implementing rail seating, which is what is explained above. I guess Celtics trial isn't going for that (may be due to ground design or whatever). The council took a lot of convincing to give them the go ahead actually, so it sounds reasonable that they decided not to up the capacity. In general a key point is to fit more people in, mind.
  8. Well, I presume they'll make it cheaper to stand thus allowing more working class people to go Edit: Wait, is there no drop in ticket prices then? Nope. One standing space per seat space. That's wrong actually: As you can see in this pic, with seats folded up there's actually 2 rows to fit people, rather than 1: http://www.safestandingroadshow.co.uk/_/rsrc/1302131739373/the-proposal/Hoffenheim1.jpg Whole thing is explained well here: http://www.safestandingroadshow.co.uk/the-proposal
  9. Been waiting for something like this to happen for years. Great news, this is just the start but once it becomes common place in Scotland (which it will as far as I'm concerned) we'll eventually see the laws changed in England to allow similar changes. Fwiw in Germany the standing areas are the cheapest. Atmosphere is just one small part - currently we have an issue where fans stand in front of their seats, forcing those who want to sit to stand for the full game. Not only that but standing in front of plastic seats just isn't anywhere as safe as the rail seating alternative - I'm sure
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