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  1. In a tent? What was that like, did it light up like a beacon?
  2. BlufPurdi


    Used the subway earlier and it was fucking mobbed. First time in a year I've hesitated getting on. I want normal as much as anyone, but I also kind of don't. I like the quiet.
  3. What do you need to know? I'm probably no better than a google search, but can certainly help if needed. First thing would be whether you just want to grow plants (you know, pots, mud and shit) or if you want to get a hydroponics setup (think science does gardening). Lights don't actually need to be on 24/7, but they will for a certain period. It's more 18 hours, although a while since I checked or did it, but it will indeed result in a heavy electric bill. You'll need timers, a couple of fans and a book on weed to learn the difference between male and females and when to check for this s
  4. To its eternal credit, it finally listened to the what the left were saying for, at this point 6 years, was it? And began to stop talking about austerity so much. Because all the talk about not going back to austerity seems to be just talk. EDIT: Not even criticising the piece, just hate the way governments that are in power for a decade, doing the wrong things, get given credit for finally realising they were doing the wrong things. Just fuck off.
  5. Ah, so they're going to make Cameron the fall guy then, wondered why there was no blowback on Sunak.
  6. Why is Sunak not getting any stick for the Cameron thing? Surely he's as much to blame.
  7. The Head. Interesting, nowt great. Don't do a second season please.
  8. BlufPurdi


    Definitely the weather for a cheeky outside blunt. EDIT: God damn it, where did that Branko post go.
  9. Finished Kingdom. Pretty average overall but a really strong finish. Points deducted for a random 20 episode season 2. Your Honor. Waste of talent. Clearly half shot over Zoom too. And I'll never not love Cranston but he's a bit crap sometimes. He's overly fond of a monologue.
  10. The point is to identify non-conformists and regulate behaviour. It's what the angries have been doing for 10 years now. Doubt they're even aware that's what they're doing, but seems the way with everything now. There are lines drawn so people fall on either side of it, get angry, keep social media busy and useful, rinse and repeat for the next outrage/grief event. Both sides feed the other. Fuck them all. Felt bad for instinctually celebrating his death, but fuck blowing smoke up his dead arse. I've no time for pretending doing his job is some remarkable act of service. They live in extr
  11. Instinctually went "yus!" when I heard, and then began to feel a bit shitty about it.
  12. There's a general argument the police aren't doing enough, but they're definitely there. Actually thought it odd they chose to petrol bomb the bus, the police were that close to them.
  13. Just celebrating their culture, remember.
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