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  1. I think she's running the cock-tease angle rn on twitter tbh. She also tweeted...
  2. Unless I missed something, I don't believe Murphy was released. I didn't realize Cardona had started working Impact, so maybe Green will go that route, but you'd imagine AEW would be more lucrative if they want her.
  3. Chelsea Green will be in AEW in a heartbeat too you'd imagine.
  4. They've got so many wrestlers on the books that if all their releases signed for a brand new company, the brand new company would be bloated too. I assume Royce and Kay will be at AEW in a heartbeat, but idk how they're gonna work without being able to say Iiiiiiiiiiconic. Not sure if Joe will head that way or take a trip to Japan.


    The falcons have signed cordarrelle patterson.
  6. They announced absolutely nothing why even bother with the show?? At least turn it into something fun and do UUDD esque content?


    house arrest sewel fuckin hates rules like. Come over here mate. Nee rules. Absolute freedom. Nee lockdown. Shitloads of dead people. It’s class.


    I was just thinking that maybe it’s not the best for people to be on top of one another during a massive fuckin pandemic, no matter how lairy they are?
  9. I've tried it a couple of times but I keep forgetting that Radio 6 exists. I also forgot that adverts exist, and thus I'd take any BBC channel over having to listen to ads.
  10. I googled. Closest steak and shake to me is 1hr 10 mins away in the great state of Delaware.
  11. At the same price point? Five guys costs over double in my experience. I’m sure there are a million alternative venues, but all I’ve got around me is five guys $$$$$$, shake shack $$$$ + meat in my milkshake, or smash burger (shit imo).
  12. I need recommendations for an all-day inoffensive radio station I can stream with Sonos. Bonus points for being British, extra bonus points for being Newcastlian. Think BBC Newcastle but with much much less talking and with better everything.
  13. I didn't really notice, but apparently it's not 'Backlash' now, it's 'Wrestlemania Backlash' Also, at mania, AJ & Omos won the raw tag belts, Sheamus won the US title... aaaaand none of them appeared on raw. 3 hours of raw. Good stuff.
  14. Just seemed to be a lot of appearances for someone who was clearly not good enough to start for a PL side. I didn't mind him / thought there was potential, but 155 appearances? Both parties should've moved on about 80 appearances prior to that I reckon.
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