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  1. TRon

    Jacob Murphy

    My bad, thought he was about 22. In any case, he does seem to be showing better quality this season, he's got a couple of goals and a few assists in limited appearances. He has been putting in some decent deliveries and shown he can crack a decent shot. He's not good enough in the wider scheme, but then very few players are, and that's not going to change until Ashley's gone.
  2. For once I agree with Luke Egghead. I hope he keeps us up and leaves in the summer as well.
  3. TRon

    Jacob Murphy

    Yes. He's shown enough genuine glimpses of quality this season to show he can be a player. He's scored some good goals, is now delivering some very decent crosses, and he's always had a turn of pace. Yes he's still raw and has a lot of improvement to do, but I've seen enough to think he can be an asset.
  4. He needed to he started the match terribly. But he kept running tbf, and got better the longer the game went.
  5. Dubravka would have been MOTM without that 8 minute spell from St Max. He was outstanding, really dealt with Burnley's crossing with confidence.
  6. That's probably more realistic aye.
  7. We are now in a position where we can draw our way to safety. 4 draws from the remaining 7 games will probably do it.
  8. Need the takeover to go through this summer, otherwise Ashley will be handing this cunt a new contract.
  9. Great three points considering we were garbage for most of that game. Two great goals turned it round.
  10. It was an example of just how shit the refereeing in general in this country. Effectively two referees failed to apply the rules, the one on the pitch and the one in the tv studio. "But it wasn't deliberate....!!"
  11. I'd rate Lascelles over a rusty Ferdinand whose been out for a month and who's fitness level is still yet to be confirmed.
  12. Agree 100%. We have to be safe before that game, even without the fat slob in charge, all the psychological pressure would be on us for several reasons. Safe all season until the final game, and the added pressure of being the big club up against a little hometown one. It would need a manager of Rafa's clinical precision and cool head to navigate that minefield.
  13. Is that a wind up? Seriously I can't tell.
  14. Pretty optimistic tbh not sure how anybody can predict a win on the run we've had. 1-1 draw.
  15. Sounds about right. Not sure where this talk about a new deal has come from but I take it about as seriously as the idea that Bruce was 11th choice manager at the cost of £4m compensation.
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