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  1. He's not a stereotypical South American player, in that his chief asset is his work-rate rather than technique. The pass he made for the fourth goal was great, but generally his passing his average at best. Fully deserves his place in the side, of course.
  2. I just felt that a few people seemed to be flirting again with the idea that taking the risk of relegation was a price worth paying for getting rid of Ashley. For me, that is Brexiteer-style thinking, where the only things that are going to change are what you want to change. A team in the Championship is arguably a less attractive proposition for a buyer, particularly one who has the money to look at other options. There is no guarantee that we would be taken over by a better owner than Ashley, and clubs of around our size can spend a lot of time floating around the lower divisions befo
  3. Put some proper teeth into FFP. Make it enforceable. Premiership clubs should have to agree to abide by UEFA's decision, and not take things to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which strikes me as a completely pointless institution with no proper expertise or accountability. Narrow the TV revenue gap between the Champions League and the rest of the Premiership, and between the Premiership and the other divisions. The current situation pressures owners to take too many risks to stay in / reach the CL or the Premiership.
  4. Bad idea right now. We're likely to be still fighting relegation, and it's a distraction to the players. The protest wouldn't be happening if the team was doing well, so even if the players are not the intended target, it's giving them the message that they're not good enough.
  5. Usual problems with keeping possession under pressure, and an inability to pressure opponents. Not enough players getting into the opposition penalty area. We really missed Willock. All rather embarrassing at the end. We lost our heads a bit after the second goal and tried to force things.
  6. Cronky

    Joe Willock

    There's a gap between the Independent's headline and what Arteta actually said. My impression was that Willock is likely to go out on loan again.
  7. Nicky Butt's body language had a way of telegraphing what he was going to do next. So he ended up making the pass that would have worked half a second before, but which was no longer on.
  8. Like I said, the technology has its limitations, but you get a more accurate decision than relying on the human eye in a split second. VAR was never going to be perfect.
  9. Good to see Longstaff and Dubravka coming back into form. Murphy looks like he's found his role too. Moving forward, Longstaff and Shelvey both lack pace and look liable to lose the ball in dangerous positions down the centre. Ideally, we should only play one of them.
  10. Well, within the limitations of the technology, yes, offsides are a matter of fact. I don't get the fuss about decisions when a player is only fractionally offside. If you're going to use technology, then that's offside. Keep it simple.
  11. I'd like to hear a ref like Peter Walton come on to explain the reasoning behind the decision. The pundits don't seem to know enough about how the rules are being interpreted to help us here. It does seem that a lack of intention doesn't completely exonerate a player if they're not properly in control of the challenge. Overall, there's sufficient doubt about the incident to make it not worthy of a red. It was unusual became the leading foot came downwards on to the opponent's leg, although that seemed to be the result of Balbuena's standing foot slipping on the turf. I was opposed t
  12. We've not got an easy run-in, but one more win would be enough. That would leave Fulham needing 4 wins out of 5, and West Brom 5 wins out of 6.
  13. It was interesting to hear Peter Walton's analysis of the decision, and a good counterbalance to the remarkable ignorance of the laws displayed by these professional pundits who are paid handsomely for their so-called expertise. FFS, is it too much to ask for these guys to spend a bit of time keeping on top of their subject? It's tough when it's your own side, but I'm not convinced that it would have been a goal pre-VAR either, assuming the ref had seen it. Even if the handball had appeared accidental, I think most refs wouldn't have given it - partly out of erring on the side of caution,
  14. Cronky

    Joe Willock

    It's no accident that he gets on the end of so many chances. He uses his brain. If you watch the goal again, you can see him make a kind of instinctive calculation about where the ball is going to end up after the aerial challenge. His thinking is a split second ahead of the opposition.
  15. How it's still 1-0 I don't know. Murphy's doing well. He's improving every game. If we can keep it to one, we might just sneak something in the last 15 minutes. Got to hope.
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