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  1. If you have tickets for Hampden check your inboxes as you may have an unsucessful ballot email from UEFA.
  2. We start our 3rd season under Steve Bruce in August...
  3. Could be worth a few quid to those still in it if those leaving have to pay a divorce fine, take the money then disband
  4. Be interesting to see if the clubs attempt to get the final switched to Wembley to allow for fans to attend
  5. Loan system scrapped within same league
  6. He's a long way (based on VAR) off but nobody would have said it was offside otherwise. Annoying when it finds things like that and ignores someone stamping on another players head/face
  7. My thoughts exactly, definatley hates playing for Bruce
  8. Thats a Mike Dean red, bad tackle but not a red
  9. So apparently the 2nd wave of protestors exited via the players tunnel, how can they claim the stadium is COVID secure right now?
  10. Fulham must be fucked off watching this
  11. His game plan will be to stay in the game and hope Little Joe can grab something late on
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