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  1. So he's basically said he may release something to his mate Liam by Friday but if he doesn't it's good news Sounds a bit too familiar like so many that have come before in covering all angles Fair play to what he's trying to do and I've tried to stay positive but fuck me this is painful
  2. cheers mate, you would like to think common sense would prevail by doing exactly that but we are talking about an Ashley run club surrounded by imbeciles. I really do hope this happens over the next few days it's our only hope to give us a chance of staying up
  3. what was the crack mate i must have missed it on the old forum?
  4. No wonder the clown is always wearing an old school binman jacket then!
  5. Can just see Bein Sports as our main shirt sponsor now
  6. Been a member here for 15 years and long time lurker and don't post much but just wanted to thank Tsunami[/member] for his info
  7. how much would a modern day Rob Lee cost?
  8. Davy Ren

    Loïc Remy

    Surely it's got to be 7 or 11
  9. Taking my boy to braga for his 1st match and there was no booking fees on that. Took forever as said 4 tickets purchased for the harper game
  10. Like him handing in a transfer request!
  11. Then again nothing would surprise you with these jokers in charge
  12. Scheduled for a mid-August reveal so thereabouts I guess. End of July according to the beast in sports direct
  13. very much this not to mention Gary Speed saying that how much would you give to have Rob Lee back take your pick what dross you would send back we have a few options
  14. Now I didn't know that you could always count on them being a tenner cheaper
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