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  1. It would be nice if you could escape the whole thing though.
  2. Champ Man legend Mike Duff. [emoji41]
  3. You need to give it a rest with your Mitrovic agenda like.
  4. Tooj

    (Northern) Ireland

    Anybody been watching this Simon Reeve program on Ireland? Normally a fan of what he does and I'm really enjoying this as well. I'd be interested if any of our Irish posters are watching and their thoughts on this.
  5. Bergkamp is the most technically player this country has seen since football was invented in 1992 like.
  6. Class goal from a pure striking perspective like. Love having that pacey option up top so we can hit teams on the counter.
  7. Hoping we see him partnered upfront with someone (Mitro). Could be a very effective partnership. Even having somebody as intelligent as De Jong behind him will be good to watch.
  8. Really excited for this signing. It's going to make a big difference having somebody with pace up front who can create space for others with his pace. We've really missed that.
  9. After over four years now of suffering due to my back issues I had an appointment at Rake Lane yesterday with a specialist who is aiming to setup some form of physical excercise program for me, will be a bit of trial and error at first but I go back to the gym in the hospital for the first of a minimum of 12 weekly sessions next week. Having went from excercising at least 5 days a week to not being able to do anything overnight was hard to take for me. I go out on my road bike every now and again but can only manage so much before having to stop. Just doing something is a huge positive a
  10. Well done man. How did you manage that?
  11. Is this a serious question? England has a football structure far deeper than any in world football and it should be kept that way as much as possible. If "moving with the times" means getting more money into the hands of the Premier League clubs and less to the hundreds of others down the pyramid, then I'll stick to being a dinosaur. Spot on.
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