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  1. Have I logged on to trip advisor by mistake?
  2. this thread man. the only thing to do these days is go straight to the most recent post and you'll see if anything has happened. If this is the current most recent post i can tell you fuck all has changed
  3. My dad says the exact same thing pretty much whenever we talk about strikers
  4. Thats what being a supporter is all about man you support through thick and thin. By doing so I've seen good times and bad times. Urgh, Are you trying not to listen and understand? By paying money to Mike Ashley you are part of the problem. I will always be a Newcastle United supporter but i wont be supporting Mike Ashley with my money. If you just want to go to the game on a Saturday then fair enough, but please dont try to make out that by cheering on our players you are somehow going to help the team do better or progress - to do that the club requires an owner with ambition and
  5. Getting a season ticket for the mighty Dorking Wanderers.
  6. This is actually happening then?
  7. To what end? Being shown up (again) as a company that doesnt have sufficient funds to complete a deal? Not the best PR.
  8. aluminum carbonate formula mass He only got two, didn't he? Cross-shot at the Mackems and one that squirmed in against Atromitos. He could only really score em against Given. Did he not score one at Scunthorpe? Pretty sure he got one away to Crystal Palace too
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