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  2. Councils are due to get savaged again over the next couple of years. Not that it ever kicks up a fuss. It might not be “austerity” but it is doing the exact the same thing. That it will once more hit Northern, Labour and poorer places most is, of course, just another huge benefit.
  3. Totally agree Mojo. If voters could vote to punish the usual demographics without any cost or consequence at all to themselves they would in their millions and would love to see the results all whilst getting more and more angry at those targeted. Tories will be well +50 by Autumn, without a shadow of a doubt.
  4. I would now aye, that’s why I needed a picker to check. My squad presuming all fit would be... Pope, Pickford, Henderson (3 GK) James, Trippier, Chilwell, Shaw (4.5 FB/WB) Maguire, Stones, Walker, Keane (3.5 CB) Henderson, Rice, Phillips, Bellingham (4 CM) Sterling, Foden, Mount, Saka, Grealish (5AM) Kane, DCL, Rashford (3 CF) Three in italics won’t go.
  5. It helps but the main driver is that voters simply don’t care. So long as the money is not going to known enemies of the people then it’s very much fair game and in a lot of cases actively encouraged because it might stop said money actually helping those who would benefit from it most and that is a huge driver for voters.
  6. Just realised I’ve missed Bellingham off FFS.
  7. Main toughies are the 3rd CB and 4th CB or do you take 3 RBs knowing Walker can do a job.
  8. Not bothering with Man Utd, Villarreal and Arsenal becuase the odds were too shit to risk looking good. Sake.
  9. Is there a squad picker thing anywhere?
  10. 3.5 - Kane, DCL, Dings + Rashford.
  11. That “Good ebening” after big Unai knocks them out in the semis is going to be something to behold.
  12. TBF he’s class at LWB when he played there too. I think a lot of it it was just to shoehorn him into the team as much anything too.
  13. Saka quickly becoming one of my favourite players to watch in the PL. Love how direct and fearless he is. Get him on the plane.
  14. Arsenal have been class, sticking it right up the racist bastards 0-2
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