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  1. Number 4, we might never qualify for another tournament in my lifetime.
  2. Those fees would be peanuts compared to the profit when your capital is potentially that big. Even on something very low risk index based. I think we're pretty much losing money because of inflation if you dont invest it in something? I seriously hope the Trust has consulted some experts about this. Would be good to add this to the FAQ as well.
  3. Sorry if this has been answered but have we found out if the money will be just laying on a bank account while we wait for a chance to buy a share of the club? Seems completely crazy to potentially have +1m pounds and not hiring someone to manage that fund and invest it? Even if the capital is significantly less.
  4. Let's say we raise 500.000. Is the idea to just let it rest in a bank account and wait or invest it somehow while waiting? Let's say the opportunity comes 10 years later...
  5. Got a love the Russians on things like this. Still hopeful!
  6. Well I'm in just for the Helsinki shout-out.
  7. Yeah that didnt look good, just surrounded by Brighton players.
  8. There was no challege. Bissouma fell on Hayden's knee.
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  10. So sad for Glen. Such a lovely bloke :'( Still in amazement what fucking scumbacks these people are. That Kudela bloke, the club, their fans. Lying racist inbred fucks. Shame no one actually punched the prick as they claimed.
  11. Any of you cock helmets use After Effects? Pls help https://www.newcastle-online.org/forum/index.php?topic=104590.0
  12. I just realised no one reads this area and the last post is from December Ok, so thanks anyways.
  13. Hi yall! I'm trying to make an Instagram story template in After Effects. I'm doing media for my local football club and the template is used to put clips of goals in Instagram. I've managed to make text & image fields that can be easily updated in Premiere (scorer, logos, score). The problem is the video. I've managed to make that replaceable as well but audio is the issue. I have a placeholder video in After Effects, if I enable audio for that, then when I replace the video in Premiere the audio doesnt replace, its still the audio from the placeholder clip. If I mute the audiotrack
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