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  1. Difficult read, that. Beardsley sounds like an utter cunt.
  2. Who is they? Did "they" even make a bid in the first place? It's all bullshit man. Judging by the thread title, "they" would be Fulham. Despite Ashley's nefarious ways, there's no reason to assume a bid hasn't been made. I'd expect Fulham would have rebuffed the report otherwise. I just wouldn't be surprised if Gayle was sold in a massive "fuck you" to Rafa.
  3. 100% dependent If they hoy enough coin down he's gone. Good thing we already signed his replacement in Joselu.
  4. Coutinho trained before Southampton, apparently, but Klopp didn't want to risk him. Meant to be a very good chance of him playing on Saturday, gonna keep him as captain, like.
  5. Voted yes. The mass clear-out needed will be a long and brutal exercise, might as well get it started sooner rather than later.
  6. Captaining Coutinho this week, anyone with any hint of flair seems to rip us apart these days. Brought in Clyne and Benteke as well, taking the points hit, probably be made up by the raping 'pool are gonna dish out
  7. 0-6 Two a piece from Coutinho and Benteke, one from Sturridge and one from that Mackem cunt Henderson
  8. 27 points isn't bad tbf Better than that shit-eating frail cunt Aguero
  9. Fuck it, triple-captained Vardy. Fill your boots, you horrible cunt.
  10. Kamara and The Nonce (decent band name) both fucking slayed me, haha :lol:
  11. Brought Hazard back as captain, might whack Remy in too, could be a cricket score
  12. 21 with Mahrez and Cisse to play. Just have to hope we batter West Ham now
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