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  1. I have those as a life long migraine sufferer. They work if you catch it right but I hate taking them. The fact there is only 6 in a packet makes me think they are really strong. When I take one I trade a migraine for feeling like shit for the next 24 hours instead. No energy, a bit dumb, sore throat and other side effects.
  2. I don`t know where she gets it from, I looked into my family tree and my Grandad`s (93 years old still going) Uncle was the Captain of Ipswich Town for 4 years just before it went pro. She usually has a harder shot than Joelinton but its pretty difficult in that icy snow. I nearly broke my ankle on it. She got signed for Ipswich Academy U9`s aged 6.
  3. Had quite a few people ask the same on my one and the retweet
  4. My daughter asked to do a video for Alan Shearers charity prize draw yesterday. Really pleased for her, could be coincidence but it jumped £10,000 after Shearer retweeted it. The video got to 55k views, we do the odd video here and there, the most views we got before were 3k. We got likes from Ian Wright, Sally Nugent, Steve Howey, Carly Telford, Chris Foy that we saw but you can`t view all of them on a retweet.
  5. Has anyone posted this Poll for the Athletic yet ? 6 questions, it only has a few thousand votes so far and would be better with more.
  6. Rebellious

    The Twitter

    Is there a more up to date list of NOers Twitter handles somewhere? Woah the fuck. Mines @mrmojorisin1975 @Platinumuk
  7. I had an eventful day yesterday. Firstly a text to inform me our Match on Sunday was being cancelled due to the away coaches daughter testing positive for Covid, the daughters whole class sent into isolation. Followed by a text from one of my coaches saying she has just tested positive. We all played a match together the day before against a different team. Yet her daughters class was told to carry on as normal, just the girls went into isolation. Is there a difference between Essex and Suffolk I don`t know ? Is it all down to opinion ? So i spent most of the day trying to work out what I a
  8. Does anyone know if you can see how many have signed this petition ? https://chionwurahmp.com/2020/08/premier-league-petition/
  9. I blatantly spoiled our wedding anniversary the other day by being quiet all night and passed it off as being tired when in reality I was going over every report I’d read in my head looking to assign blame while drastically clinging to some sort of hope it’ll be resurrected. I’m 33 ffs and sat in a mood while out for a meal. I do not post much on here as I never really have the time. I can not put into words how I feel about this. I feel I have finally lost any connection I had with professional football. I have run out of ways to convince myself to enjoy it still. I am lucky though I st
  10. A few months ago I signed up to a Covid App run by King’s College London to get daily updates and report everyday to help with studies. As part of that I get first come first serve on any vaccine and other stuff. They have just reported that skin rashes should be the forth symptom. https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/skin-rash-covid. Skin rash should be considered as a fourth key sign of COVID-19 July 15, 2020 Data from the COVID Symptom Study shows that characteristic skin rashes and ‘COVID fingers and toes’ should be considered as key diagnostic signs of the disease, and can occur in th
  11. Rebellious

    Parenting stuff

    I would meet with both head teachers if possible, listen to what they have to offer and how they work with SEN. We assumed at the beginning the schools would recognise our sons needs and act but no we soon realised it would take a few meetings with the head teacher to let them know what we expected from them and outlining our son`s needs.
  12. Rebellious

    Parenting stuff

    I had a phone call on Saturday from my Ex who has our kids in Scotland. It started off with your daughter has been involved a serious car accident and some how it got worse. She is dating this boy who`s mum is a druggy, the boys mum crashed with them in the car whilst off her tits on something. Proper scummy family. It then got worse. So after the accident she went with the boyfriend who my ex can`t stand because hes a waster ( gangs, fighting, drugs ) to her mums house (my daughters nan). Last I heard they were not together after my Ex asked me to intervene and I convinced her to finish wi
  13. Rebellious

    Your Football

    I am thinking we will have a lopsided team when things do normalise in a year or when ever. I will have a team of girls who can pass and shoot, lots of skills and fitness but can`t tackle or take anyone on. I can think of loads of sessions with 2 meters distance but we will miss the best bit where they put into practice what they have learnt in a match at the end. Agree though desperate to get back. When I told my daughter she will see her team mates soon she jumped for joy and headbutted me in the lip. I am thinking of starting up again first week of July if all the legal side of thing
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