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  1. Also believe Gary Hoffman (chair of the Premier League) who took up his post in June, also has a lot of baggage when it comes to the takeover fiasco...would love to know how much influence he had on the PL delaying everything.
  2. You’ve obviously not been following this argument before....the reason we have a positivity thread is because we needed somewhere to go to try and be happy😀 and the other thread led some of us to be depressed.
  3. Looking at it like that you’re probably right...forgot Villa is a Derby.....mind you Wolves without Neto might be a tad easier.
  4. I'm of the same opinion, but believed WBA’s run of winnable games was always likely to put them in a closer position to us rather than Fulham.
  5. Missed that one....Villa and wolves after that.....anyway Stifler is right...if we can pick up a few points in our next 3 games then we’ll be safe...BUT if we get nothing from WHU, Liverpool and Arsenal, then IMO it will be WBA and not Fulham who we have to keep an eye on.
  6. Agreed, it's all about what we can do...however if we fail to accumulate any more points over the next couple of games, then it may well be WBA who we are looking over the shoulder at, instead of Fulham.
  7. Perhaps after tonight’s result we should be more concerned with WBA than Fulham......an 8 point gap looks big enough but their next 2 games are Villa and Wolves...not inconceivable that they they could be 2 points behind us in a fortnight.....looks like perhaps 5 teams now involved in the scrap.
  8. I love your “positive Optimism “ towards us not getting relegated......shame you don’t see the same about our takeover.....but that’s another story😁
  9. Arsenal play Fulham on Sunday after a Thursday trip across Eastern Europe by Arsenal.......
  10. Winning 2 games in a row is not “champions league form” no matter how you present it.......I agree that their form is not exactly brilliant, but as I’ve explained, it doesn’t take much, a bit of luck here, a VAR decision, and suddenly a couple of wins appears from nowhere. Personally I don’t believe they will have enough to overtake us, but I’m not blinkered enough to think we’re clear at the bottom yet.
  11. So you don’t think they are capable of winning 2 games in a row.....who’s talking about champions league form, a peculiar expression. Any team, even those in the bottom 3 could fluke 2 wins...I’m merely saying don’t discount them just yet.
  12. Hope you’re right....we’ll see. If WBA beat Southampton at weekend which I think they will and we lose to Burnley and WHU...a win against Villa put them 2 points behind us....I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that they will win both games.
  13. Also don’t count out WBA yet...they have 3 winnable games in their next 4 against Southampton, Villa (without Grealish) and Wolves.....That could put them on 30 points...Lose Sunday and its all still up for grabs.
  14. Arsenal have Europa league game away on thursday before Fulham.......put me down for Fulham win there.....Man Utd will be concentrating on Europa league as well by the time Fulham play them....Fulham are shite but don’t count them out just yet.
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