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  1. Was a good effort. Got us to the last game. I might have another go with the games tomorrow
  2. Thank you all. Appreciate all the comments. We (as a family) have been thru our fair share of shit from losing our daughter who was still born 3 years ago on Tuesday and then a miscarriage and even a house fire the big dopey dog was always there to help us thru it. He’s not here to help me this time and that’s the hardest part of it
  3. It’s possible but it’s 3-0. Chelsea are so comfortable they don’t have to dive in to tackles or pull players back who break
  4. Tempted to cash out £30 for £1. Can’t see Chelsea getting a card
  5. Looks games could be postponed next sat coz of the funeral. Looks like Scottish cup could be first to go
  6. Chelsea 2-0 already. Probably puts an end to them getting 2 cards unless for something stupid
  7. Went off at 11/1 would have payed out best price. Payed out on 11/1 for me rather than 10/1
  8. Here’s hoping for a red card for both sides here
  9. Had £10 on minella times
  10. Slightly less. Not much tho
  11. If you had bet with bet365 that would have paid out
  12. Only £1 on but more than happy with £260 if it comes up. It’s Chelsea I worry about
  13. Hopefully a couple early cards and that cash out goes way up
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