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  1. Hard to imagine a team that has scored 25 goals all season can close a 9 point gap with 5 to play. Especially when we still have Sheffield @ home on the fixture list, and they don't.
  2. Bellars

    Paul Dummett

    He's not a LB. He's a left-footed CB that has a decent cross.
  3. Shelvey will cost us a goal. He is so lazy defending the ball.
  4. Schmeichel Neville Terry Ferdinand Cole Vieira Lampard Gerrard Henry Shearer Ronaldo
  5. Bellars

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Does not look good. I doubt he will ever play golf professionally again, given how worn down his body already was, and how bad this accident appears to have been. Very sad.
  6. I don't disagree with any of that. Not do i think Klopp is impossible to criticize. The point i was trying to make us that if VVD hadn’t been injured by a crap challenge, then they’d still be comfortably at the top of the table, in all likelihood
  7. It wasn't though. Liverpool's problems have been in front of goal. (Quoted wrong post initially) I’d argue that they are a totally different team without VVD, even in the attacking half. He has such an influence / presence on the entire pitch
  8. Still pretty crazy to think that one shit tackle by Pickford was the turning point in this season’s title race.
  9. The lawyers won’t be free Arbitration for something like this will be very, very expensive. You still have to pay a legal team to prep, do research, discovery, hold depositions, etc. It's a massive amount of billable hours for law firms.
  10. Also pretty strange to think that 4 of today's back five are out of contract in the summer. With Dummett being the outlier who is up in 2022.
  11. Can't wait to throw on Carroll and lump balls to him and pray
  12. Even Dummett's not a proper left-back. Playing 4CBs and 3CMs against one of the worst teams in PL history...
  13. Maybe he fell out with SB and wants out. SB could be using the vague “some of the squad still has COVID” as a disguise to get to Jan
  14. Six points off the top and higher than Arsenal and both Manchester Clubs 🥴
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