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    Oosh. Really doesn't feel like nearly 3 years since I put this up. Thought it was worth a bump. I encourage anyone and everyone to go along with their instincts and pull out from the club. For the good of the club, and the good of yourselves. Chances are you won't need to look back - if you did, it would probably be because the pollution had finally cleared away.
  2. Blog and CV are password protected so whats the point in having them? Don't fail to look at his LinkedIn. All 16 Jobs and 4 Further Education attempts - https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamleestewart
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    Anyone with Admin or Mod under their username still got a burning passion? Maybe we are just old... Although I don't think so - I think my feelings would have matured, but if I just was a bit past it I don't think I'd feel that tickle when I see Benitez wanting to visit local landmarks etc. I do think it's the corruption (financial, moral, whatever) that tells me to back off. Figures makes hell of a point though. 9 years of Ashley... There are hairy teenagers out there who really have known nothing else.
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    I know what you mean on the last point re foreign, but to go a little further, I know we both agree foreign anybodies can represent the club properly - Solano, Dabizas, even Benitez... just so long as they're not that Cockney scum we all hate like Lee, Ferdinand and Hughton of course. But it's more about the disconnection that is actively encouraged nowadays - the sit down, pay up and plug Wonga attitude. Know exactly what you mean. Think I must just have tried a bit harder than you! But yours is a nice story. I'm not up for coming along while actively expecting it all to collapse thou
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    Maybe kids will fix it? (congratulations by the way). Like Semtex says, you wonder if it's ageing, but my gut feeling says not. I don't strictly blame the rich disinterested players, because they've always been around - I think they're just people, some are good, some are bad. I do think football itself is gone though - even if Ashley disappeared tomorrow, at the end of the day the other teams we'd be playing and the (Premier) league itself are also run by tossers in the interests of anyone but us. Still... I would be happier if I didn't feel like I was missing out on something good
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    Yeah, you're pretty much spot on. Like you say, you're in or you're not, and that's why I called this thread Bystander. Was just a ramble, effectively containing different messages for different audiences. Some will remember me (hello Wullie ), some won't, some will care, some will wonder what the hell I'm on about. Thought the thread might create space for a different kind of conversation for anyone who's a bit off the beaten track. And as I said, it was partly just me giving a nod to people who are on the journey and saying enjoy the ride.
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    Hello Plebs, Long time lurker here. Why am I writing? Firstly to wish you luck and congratulate you on the time you're having at the moment. I was never Rafa's biggest fan in the past, but there's no question something special is going on here at the moment. I can feel my old optimism bubbling, but it's uncomfortable somehow. Here's why. I couldn't say I'm part of this club anymore. As I said to someone the other day, I hated Pardew before it was cool - the way he was appointed sickened me - and broadly speaking that's when I accepted I had to treat NUFC under Ashley, and football more g
  8. Good sense says no but good sense is the enemy of the valiant so bugger it.
  9. Imagine the glee on the face of whomever he asked about it. If that person even exists.
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    What mood are you in?

    Shy of the wine, go for it. She's working, they're asleep, what's the difference?
  11. To be fair it was mostly down to the players putting in horrible shifts rather than him not doing well due to the pressure. His players bottled it far more than he did. England career over for gerrard and Johnson. sounds good Sounds great. I'll support him. I'm optimistic.
  12. It's easy to act tough when your hundreds of miles away. This was my own Nakatomi Plaza. I was terrified. Terrified. Fuk off man, it was mildly interesting. Ring up Sky news, they'd love to hear from you especially if you've got a tremble in your voice, maybe you could break down and cry as well, must be worth some money and counselling I think I have post traumatic stress syndrome. Some of the monitors thrown out of the window were really big. Think I saw a 22" at least. CRT or LCD? LCD, but it was pretty old so still had a bit of weight to it.
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