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  1. It's extremely offending and I think Disco should be permanently banned from this forum.
  2. Sad to see the state of Hazard. Done as a footballer.
  3. The Tuchel effect. They're solid as fuck though Can see them beating Man City despite being inferior. Thiago Silva
  4. I love it Also, did Gabriel Jesus do something in the last game? He barely got on the pitch and Kimbempe and Danilo tried to kill him straight away
  5. Fantastic from City tonight. Zinchenko motm.
  6. He's injured Doubt he'll even play tonight.
  7. I definitely won't. Thought the game last night lacked excitement as well. Maybe just got used to the two PSG v Bayern ties, which was direct football and full of chances everywhere.
  8. Really hyped this game up beforehand. Thought it was quite boring tbh. Think both teams match up very well, but there was rarely good chances created. Two fluke goals from City and a corner from PSG. Foden had a shot in the first half and Verratti almost got on the end of a cross from Mbappe in the second half. A part from that I felt like not much happened over 90 minutes.
  9. Shameful first half performance from City. Shameful second half performance from PSG. Really hope both teams give us a better game next week. Felt like a friendly at times.
  10. I would request changes at the top of each club or enforce heavy punishments. With the exception of Manchester City to be honest, because as of right now despite them having signed to join, they're the only ones to have shown balls and pulled out. The fact that other clubs haven't at this point is quite frankly embarassing.
  11. City pulling out as well according to reliable sources on Twitter .
  12. It's not a very pragmatic way to look at it. At the end of the day, the CL will lose all it's appeal and lot more money if they just kick out teams right now when nothing has been finalized. Let's not forget that this is the decision made by a few greedy owners who don't love the sport more than they love their own and other peoples money. For the past 20 years they've absolutely mismanaged their sporting investments and now they want it back.
  13. Honestly, what were you expecting? That they would just cancel the season now?
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