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  1. Am quite certain under Rafa there was a stat that Dubravka was one of the best at the high catch in the box as well.
  2. you wouldn't sell the club shop to Castore, you'd lease the shop to Castore.
  3. Not sure what to tell another human being if they think Karl Darlow is better than Dubravka.
  4. Hardly commanding? He basically owned the box on the dozen corners we conceded.
  5. Kanji

    Joe Willock

    He needs to be playing instead of Shelvey. Drop Longstaff into the Shelvey role. Energy of Almiron and Willock would be great.
  6. Kanji

    Jacob Murphy

    Good squad player if this can be his level. But he’d struggle in a back 4.
  7. I mean, #30 for Fulham's arm was further than Podence.
  8. Kanji

    Joe Willock

    If we stay up, I hope we sign him permanently. New owners or same owner we have now.
  9. Has any country in Europe been able to contain it better + has stadiums to just host the whole thing? assume it’s England?
  10. Moussa was also one of our fastest IMO
  11. Hatem full sprint with ball was fastest I’ve seen. Just think of when he first arrived. He was literally unplayable - had to be fouled to be stopped.
  12. Kanji


    Joelinton is a total enigma, he's probably a really nice chap and I feel for him leaving Nagelsmann to come to work for Bruce and this shit show of a club, but he's never going to turn it around here unless the club is sold and a manager takes him under his wing and spends a ton of time working on his game.
  13. Can someone post the Edwards article?
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