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  1. Klinsmann had a knackered old Beetle and I’m sure one of our players drove a banger as well (Andy O’Brien maybe)
  2. That dinner episode with Peter File and ‘leg disabled’, man
  3. Why have these dweebs got a 6 page thread about our cup final v Liverpool in 1974?
  4. Something tells me he dumped the rumoured 1bn DOGE he bought days ago after calling it a hussle.
  5. Only just tuned in, was that on the opening?
  6. Why isn’t my Dogecoin going to the moon?
  7. Let’s see how the media handle this considering the PM is a serial cheater and is total teflon.
  8. At least Ian Cawley will be busy for years to come. And Barbara, what is it about Etonian Boris Johnson that is so relatable?
  9. It will be an honour to roll over and be tickled on Friday night and be a part of a team winning a league title.
  10. Clearly offside yet they go to the hassle of all of the lines. ’LOOK, WE GET IT RIGHT SOMETIMES!!!’
  11. Kompany is the first that springs to mind.
  12. Hope Chelsea go on to win this now.
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