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  1. Scary to think that Burnley and Everton games have contributed to over a third of our points
  2. James


    Dickinson Rd Medical Practice but really all these clinics have different days that they are running and the decision to give jabs to all ages is saved until later in the day. Best thing I could do is PM you if and when I hear of anymore free for all walk-ins. for today, MRI outpatients are rumoured to be dropping age limits for walk-ins but no one has verified this yet
  3. James


    Take up is so bad in inner city Manchester (some postcodes <50%) that clinics will now vaccinate any adult towards the end of the day, they let it be known by word of mouth to arriving patients that they will accept any walk-ins which is what I did, worth listening out for this for when opportunities arise. The clinic I arrived at were literally dragging passers by off the street
  4. James


    I’ve had the vaccine yesterday, felt like shit since midnight first major chills and since a hangover type malaise but surely worth it
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    Steady episode of F&WS again but I can’t shake off the feeling that I’d rather have binged the whole thing
  6. Because I’m a big believer in the butterfly effect. Right now, all thanks to Greg, a baby hedgehog has just been run over by Mrs Cole of Macclesfield. To cut a long story short this triggers a series of events that lead to a 3-0 Burnley win
  7. I don’t really get why this had to be announced today. Would have been better to announce this during the international break or at the very end of the season. We have a big game at the weekend and this is an unnecessary distraction.
  8. Think they’ve made some good choices as Guardians otherwise I would have been worried about the money. It’s worth a fundraise
  9. Did anyone else as a kid think that sex fiend Rolf Harris was the face of KFC?
  10. Too many unknown variables mean I couldn’t say one way or another. don’t know if PIF will takeover in the Championship or if they will even be allowed. don’t know what the outcome of arbitration etc will be if we stay in this league. Don’t know of any other viable bidders and what the circumstances will be for them taking over. don’t know what a relegation would look like this time if Ashley can’t sell.
  11. This has me trembling with rage tbh. Gone from Rafa whose every waking minute was on the job to this part time ego
  12. James

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Much better episode of F&WS today feel much more invested now
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